10 Reasons to Love the Kia Sedona


We travel to Southern California frequently and usually make the six hour drive from Arizona in our own car. We recently spent a week in Carlsbad and work time constraints had us flying instead of making the usual drive. While it was the baby's first time flying, we were more concerned about finding a vehicle comfortable for our family during the week. Knowing we would be doing quite a bit of driving, we turned to DriveShop for suggestions. At the time we owned a large SUV. Our request Read More... {Read More...}

The Ultimate College Fan Gift with Ribbon and Tulle Gift Box Stuffing

ribbon and tulle gift box stuffing featured image

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list that is so easy to buy for because of their true appreciation for everything that they actually become the one person you are intent on finding the perfect gift? That's my husband's stepfather. He dresses well, appreciates humor, has hobbies like golf and enjoys movies. Those characteristics alone can help you list 10 gifts he would love for the holidays. However, my father in law is also an avid Michigan State fan. The ultimate Michigan State Read More... {Read More...}

The Star Wars newbie tips to watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Newbie The Force Awakens viewing tips featured

Disclaimer: if you are my friend and a Star Wars fanatic, this confession may lead you to have negative thoughts about who you perceived me to be. If you would prefer to not hear about the absence of Star Wars in my life prior to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening, scroll to the bottom of this post to find movie reviews from friends that are real devoted Star Wars fans. I realize I might be standing alone as the only person to have no background information about Star Wars before Read More... {Read More...}

Polar Bear Ice Skating Party

polar bear ice skating party feature

Our last few birthday parties for my daughter have included animals themes because from a very young age, she has been fascinated by animal science. Like her fifth birthday creepy crawly party and her sixth birthday ocean animals party, this year's party also had an animal focus. She wanted to celebrate with friends at a polar bear ice skating party. We had so much fun putting the party plan together and sharing her special day with favorite friends and family. I created invitations Read More... {Read More...}

Mommy and Baby Yoga, bonding with your baby at Let’s Grow Studio (Gilbert, AZ)


Bonding with your baby is an enjoyable experience for some new parents while it brings on anxiety for many others. Learning how to bond with your baby in a way you both have an enjoyable experience is critical while stepping into your new role as a parent. While I am not a first time parent, I am new to juggling a full time work schedule with a baby at home. Everyday brings on a new challenge and it's easy to get lost in the business. I have personally felt a little mom guilt knowing I'm not Read More... {Read More...}

Arizona annual pass gift guide


With so many amazing local attractions and museums in Arizona we love to visit all year long, an annual membership makes perfect sense for a creative gift this holiday season. They make awesome gifts for friends with children, friends new to Arizona, parents, grandparents, and more! Instead of asking who should you gift an Arizona annual pass this year, ask yourself who wouldn't you gift an Arizona annual pass to? My Arizona annual pass gift guide includes the places we love to visit most Read More... {Read More...}

The Elf on the Shelf is real – the ultimate elf idea

the elf on the shelf is real feature

The magical Elf on the Shelf is a tradition in so many homes. Children look forward to their elf returning each year. Parents enthusiastically search the internet hoping to find the ultimate elf idea for each morning display. Parents also get ultra creative when they accidentally forget to move the elf before their child notices. We have many great elf success stories including the time our "Elfy Snow White" took a vacation instead of returning to the North Pole. Naturally that meant he didn't Read More... {Read More...}

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort in Carlsbad, CA discount

Carlsbad California Grand Pacific Palisades Beach

Given the opportunity, we will always say yes to travel in Southern California. The weather is beautiful, the ocean breeze is refreshing, and most of our very favorite family memories have been made there. Carlsbad holds a very special significance to our family because it's the first destination my husband and I road tripped to while dating. Our six year old daughter calls it her favorite beach while I will always deem it my favorite lunch spot because of Fidel's flautas. My husband loves the Read More... {Read More...}

Fall Tree Kids Craft

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This project was originally shared 2/26/12. Although we live in Arizona and don't get much of a fall season, it's my favorite time of year because kids can finally comfortably play outside and personally drinking warm coffee in a seasonal cup doesn't feel so silly. Fall to me says cute boots, cinnamon pinecones, and plenty of kids crafts. Sure, we could also be sipping cold lemonade while wearing flip flops because our warm temperatures don't quite drop low enough to actually warrant wearing Read More... {Read More...}

Maleficent Flittle blue fairy costume


When I think of the original Sleeping Beauty, fairies definitely come to mind. But the plump colorful fairies we remember from the original are not the ones making an appearance in Maleficent. Instead, the movie features three pixies with eclectic costumes. With my six year old daughter dressed as Maleficent, the baby in a baby Aurora costume, and my husband wearing his Maleficent crow costume, it only seemed fitting I make myself a Flittle costume. Because we all know the pixies as iconic Read More... {Read More...}