First Birthday Mermaid Party Inspiration

First Birthday Mermaid Party Inspiration featured

I'm in disbelief my baby is a week away from celebrating her first birthday. It seems like I was just sharing her birth story and getting settled with the new addition to our family. She is a little bundle of sunshine and this year has flown by watching her grow. We are celebrating with a pool party soon and I am excited to share the first birthday mermaid party inspiration that has helped me put together a fabulous party plan for our baby girl's celebration. The initial plans began with printed Read More... {Read More...}

I still choose to support SeaWorld


Three years ago, before Blackfish, if you asked my opinion of killer whales at SeaWorld I would have told you I stand confidently behind the organization intent on providing research to benefit whales in their natural environment. I would have told you I have made a great effort to teach my daughter whales belong in the ocean but science makes it necessary for us to study whales in captivity. Just after the world was stunned by Blackfish, I shared why I choose to support SeaWorld. And now years Read More... {Read More...}

Easter Carrot Cookies


Have fun getting ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny with these easy Easter Carrot Cookies! This post was originally published 3/27/14. Cute and quick seems to be the trend in my home for holiday themed desserts and treats. I simply don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen working on pretty creations but with a seven year old daughter that loves sharing with friends, family, and neighbors making holiday treats is necessary. Our Easter carrot cookies are the perfect treat to make Read More... {Read More...}

Disneyland Diamond Days Sweepstakes Winner – We won the daily VIP experience!

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We visit Disneyland a lot. Living in Arizona, just a six hour car drive away, most spontaneous weekend plans land us in Anaheim to visit the Happiest Place on Earth. We are annual pass holders. We were on the Club 33 waitlist for over 7 years. Our oldest daughter had her first visit to the park at nine months old. Our baby has been visiting since last year at just four months old. We are the ultimate Disney fans and have a great love for Disneyland. My husband has entered the Disneyland Diamond Read More... {Read More...}

Plan the perfect egg hunt


This post was inspired by Collective Bias, Inc. #EasterSweets content but is not sponsored. As the Campaign Manager I love the inspiration for the perfect egg hunt! All opinions are mine alone. #client With so many different ways to fill a plastic Easter egg, the task to plan the perfect egg hunt can be overwhelming. Three focal points is a great way to start - candy, money, and toys. I don't have memories of many childhood Easter egg hunts; but I do remember a few years of my parents filling Read More... {Read More...}

5 reasons to attend SeaWorld Wild Days


March is a wonderful time in San Diego. Our family visits SeaWorld San Diego often but SeaWorld Wild Days every weekend is March brings even more fun to the park by celebrating and educating animal lovers about the importance of wildlife. Every weekend has new presenters including the stars of Sea Rescue and Jack Hanna. That alone is reason for my daughter to ask to attend each weekend. Reasons to attend SeaWorld Wild Days go far beyond your average visit to the park. 5 reasons to Read More... {Read More...}

Easy bedroom transformation, 5 easy changes to make you love your bedroom

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Up until just a few months ago I was stuck in a "we aren't living here forever" decorating rut in my home. We were not planning on making this our forever home because we had already started the process of building another. We had a contract to build in a neighborhood we loved contingent on the sale of our current home. After months of our home being on the market, money spent, switching realtors and many showings with our best efforts to sale our home, we decided we would rather stay and find Read More... {Read More...}

Officer Clawhauser Donuts Recipe

Zootopia Officer Clawhauser Donuts featured

Zootopia's Officer Clawhauser is everything opposite of what you would expect in a cheetah. He's not fierce. He's not fast. And he doesn't eat prey. Instead he is hilariously funny, eclectic and loves donuts. His admiration for sugar steals the scene in his first appearance in Zootopia. With the film now in theaters, the Officer Clawhauser donuts recipe is the perfect way to celebrate. Officer Clawhauser loves two things: pop star Gazelle and donuts. He is a joyful character and I would Read More... {Read More...}

10 Fun Facts about ZOOTOPIA from Producer Clark Spencer

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Disney's Zootopia is sure to be your new favorite animated film. The animals, the storyline, the fabulous animation - my seven year old daughter and I absolutely loved Zootopia when we saw an early screening last week. Like so many Disney films before, I left the theater wondering about all the creative work that went into bringing the vision to life. Just days later I had the opportunity to spend some time with the film Producer and ask questions in a media interview panel. I'm sharing my Read More... {Read More...}

Southern California resort stay giveaway

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The very first place my husband and I road tripped to together was Carlsbad, California. We fell in love with the Carlsbad Inn during our first stay almost 15 years ago and knew, before we were ever married with children, it would be a place we would continue to make memories. Southern California is just a short road trip away and our family visits often.  When our seven year old daughter asks to go to the beach, we know she is asking to visit Carlsbad. Her deep love for the Read More... {Read More...}