Holiday Books for Children

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Holiday Books for Children

This year has been packed full of surprising turns around every corner. Despite the daily changes to routines our children have endured, I’m personally committed to honoring our holiday traditions and making a few new ones along the way. Each year we gift our daughters holiday-themed books and revisiting the growing collection each holiday season is something we look forward to in December. This season our new additions include three books: Dasher, Hanukkah Magic, and Pick a Pine Tree. The sweet children’s holiday books are a reminder to pause this holiday season and cherish your time together. Simple traditions, like reading holiday books together, each night in December have helped bring joy back into our home instead of focusing on the changing world ahead.

We have instilled a great love for reading in both our daughters and holiday books are an easy way to guarantee sister bonding time, regardless of the six years age difference between them.

Our youngest daughter is just learning to read and loves when her big sister reads aloud before bedtime.

She also takes great pride in showing her big sister that she can read too.

Holiday Christmas tree books inspire conversations about how every tree is special and unique. Pick a Pine Tree is an absolute favorite in our home because of the retro illustrations and rhyming words. It’s perfect for younger children just starting to read, like our youngest daughter in kindergarten. The pop up Christmas tree at the end is a great way to finish the story…and ask to start again!

Dasher will always be a favorite holiday children’s reindeer book in our home because of the girl in charge. This holiday classic takes on a new lead with one of Santa’s original reindeer explaining how Santa ended up flying with reindeers pulling his sleigh. Unlike any other story of Dasher you’ve heard, this one tells about an adventurous young reindeer who spends her days with her family under the hot sun in a traveling circus. She longs for a different life and is elated to land a role with Santa and his team.

Despite having Jewish friends and relatives, our daughters don’t know nearly enough about Hanukkah. This season we also added a children’s Jewish holiday book, The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol, to teach our daughters why American Jewish children receive presents at Hanukkah. The book is an educational opportunity while engaging our daughters in a book about the season.

Do your holiday traditions include Children’s holiday books too?

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  1. Great list, and I’ve spotted 2 that will be perfect for my godson and my niece! Dasher sounds perfect for her! Thank you, I now know what to get them for Christmas 🙂

  2. My friends just been looking for books for her two, so I will make sure to send this over her way asap, as these books look lovely x

  3. Looks like some fun holiday reads for the little ones! It’s always so much fun to get into the spirit with a good holiday book!


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