DIY Shark Week shirts for siblings

DIY Shark Week Shirts for Siblings

Shark Week is approaching and we are excited! My daughter has always been fascinated by marine animals and she loves learning about sharks during the fun week. Whether it’s a Jaws movie night or a Discovery Channel episode marathon, our DIY shark week shirts are perfect for the occasion. This is baby’s first Shark Week so we had to get her in on the fun. The silly sibling shark shirts took about half an hour to make and have already received a big thumbs up from my shark loving daughter. Her baby sister doesn’t know we made her the shark but she happily kicked like an olympic swimmer in her new onesie.


DIY Shark Week shirts tutorial


  • blank shirt and onesie
  • fabric paint
  • paintbrush
  • foam alphabet stamps
  • cardboard to place inside shirts while painting
  • paper plate for paint


Place your cardboard inside the shirt to avoid bleed through onto the back when you stamp the letters. Use the paintbrush to coat the stamp with a thin layer of paint. Carefully stamp, one letter at a time, on the shirt. I wasn’t too intentional with the placement because I wasn’t trying to keep the letters straight or evenly spaced. If you want your words levels, use chalk to draw a straight line on the shirt before you start stamping letters. The chalk will completely disappear when you wash your shirt before the first time it’s worn. Allow to dry after you’ve stamped “beware of shark” on the shirt.


Freehand a shark bite silhouette on the bottom of the shirt with paint.


Using the same easy stamping method, make a “shark” onesie for baby.


Allow both shirts to dry for 24 hours then wash in washing machine. Find the cutest baby to model their new shark onesie. My daughter is the most adorable little shark around.


Have some fun with your new DIY shark shirts for siblings during Shark Week!


Don’t forget your Shark Week Snack Mix to add to the festivities!

More Shark Week fun

Visit the SeaWorld San Diego Shark Encounter exhibit to learn more about sharks!

How do you celebrate Shark Week?

19 thoughts on “DIY Shark Week shirts for siblings”

  1. Not only are you super creative in the way that you did this project, you’re also super smart. My mind must not be that imaginative because I couldn’t come up with creative stuff like that when my boys were little. Bravo and Kudos from the heart.

  2. I LOVE the shark chex mix. Too cute! And of course, your kids are adorable too. This look relatively easy and now I kind of what to make one for myself.

  3. These shirts are so cool! We are waiting for our little one to arrive and then this would be perfect! I love the matching kind

  4. What a fantastic idea. We do love shark week. There’s something about sharks that intrigues the mind for sure.

  5. These are seriously too cute and incredibly easy to make!! I’ve never been sure what all to hoop-lat about shark week was, but some pretty inventive things have come out of it, so yay Shark Week!

  6. We love Shark Week since we enjoy learning about these predators. Having kids wear these themed shirts is such a great idea and so much fun.

  7. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! It would be especially funny if the baby was teething and biting everything . . . perfect for the theme 😛

  8. These shirts are so cute!!! I love Shark Week so much!!! Which is weird because I hate sharks! HA Won’t even go in water.


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