Feathers and Stripes American Flag Wreath tutorial

I rarely update our front door but the feathers and stripes American flag wreath is an easy and quick change to dress up your home entrance for patriotic holidays. With minimal supplies and just a few minutes, your guests will have a great American welcome for summer barbecues!

easy DIY American Flag Wreath

American Flag Wreath tutorial

Supplies (affiliate links provided for easy online shopping):

Completely cover the wood craft ring with the feather boa. Secure with hot glue. 

crafting tip: Feathers get very sticky and the hot glue will burn your fingertips. Wear latex gloves when using a low temperature glue gun.

Wrap red tulle tightly around 2/3 of the feather wreath. Simply tie a knot with the tulle to attach it to the wreath. Overlap multiple times in each section so the feathers are fully covered.

American Flag Wreath tutorial

Cut short pieces of ribbon and tie around the red tulle. Be sure the ribbon is evenly spaced as these will represent the American flag stripes. The ribbon knots should be on the back side so they are not shown when the wreath is hung. 

American Flag Wreath ribbon tutorial

Hang the feathers and stripes American flag wreath on your front door to celebrate patriotic holidays!

Do you do anything special to dress up your home entrance to celebrate summer holidays?

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