Mealtime Magic Mia Baby Doll Holiday Gift Idea

This season I’m happily getting ahead of my holiday shopping to avoid in-store errands as we get closer to Christmas. Our oldest daughter is almost 12 and every year her wishlist is set months in advance. Unlike her big sister, our youngest daughter is a moving target for holiday shopping. Last year she thought every holiday catalog received in the mail was an opportunity to update her list. We visited Santa multiple times and sent several letters and revisions in hopes it would get to the North Pole before the big day. Although she hasn’t given us a solid list this year yet, we know she loves baby dolls. I’ll hang on to her precious pretend play moments for as long as she’ll let me quietly watch as she plays in her baby doll nursery. This year Mealtime Magic Mia, available at Target and Walmart, is a holiday must-have. Mia is the most expressive and lifelike feeding baby doll and is little sister’s newest favorite.Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift.

Mealtime Magic Mia comes with a special food plate and smart spoon, a 2-in-1 bottle/pacifier and more playtime accessories. My daughter was instantly drawn to the interactive plate, wondering which foods would be Mia’s favorites.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Baby Mia arrives with many surprises.

Mealtime is Mia’s favorite time of day and my daughter spends her time in the baby doll nursery giggling as Mia tries different foods from the interactive plate. Mia recognizes and reacts to the foods you feed her with over 70 sounds and phrases. Mia’s special light-up smart spoon and double-sided food tray has 10 different foods you can mix and match including strawberries, lemon, peas, carrots and more. The battery-operated spoon lights up the same color as the food when you scoop a spoonful for Mia.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Feed baby Mia and hear her say which foods are her favorites.

My daughter’s current favorite vegetable is broccoli so she was elated to discover Mia loves it too. Mia’s interactive 2-in-1 accessory doubles as a bottle and pacifier so in between trying new veggie combinations, Mia gets milk and a pacifier.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Watch baby Mia's spoon light up to match the food choice from her special plate.

Just like a real baby, after mealtime, Mia gets burped. She has a button on her back for burping and makes realistic noises as her back is patted.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Burp baby Mia asleep after mealtime.

If Mia is left sitting without interaction for a short time, her eyes get sleepy and she makes noises to tell you she’s ready for a nap. My daughter rocks her until Mia is making her sleep sounds with closed eyes.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Rock baby Mia asleep after mealtime.

Then it’s time to transition her to bed and watch as baby Mia falls fast asleep. Not to worry, Mia also has an on/off button so if you really want her to sleep soundly, you can easily switch her sounds off and turn her back on at playtime.

Mealtime Magic Mia is a great holiday gift. Watch as baby Mia falls fast asleep after mealtime.

Mia has many lifelike responses including sweet giggles when she is tickled, expressing love or dislike for food, snoring at sleep time, and more. Mealtime Magic Mia has been an incredibly fun pretend play toy in our home and will be landing on our holiday shopping list for friends and family. Do you have someone on your holiday gifting list that loves baby dolls too?

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Mealtime Magic Mia is the most expressive baby doll with lifelike movements and sounds, great for pretend play! Now available at Target and Walmart for the perfect holiday gift.


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  1. Oh my goodness… I am loving this! I am looking for the perfect doll fo my god daughter and this is it! I am for sure picking this one up and honestly… I would have loved the dolls the kids today have to play with 🙂 Your daughter looks like she is having a blast!


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