Cabin Rental Tips | How to save on the expense

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Cabin Rental Tips

I grew up camping and spending most weekends on outdoor adventures with my family. Spring and fall breaks were often spent at the river with a tent or in a Northern Arizona cabin. Some of my favorite childhood memories include skipping rocks, fishing from a dock and roasting marshmallows in the dark over a campfire. Our daughters don’t yet have these same types of memories and this year I’m intent on committing to a few extended weekends exploring outdoors together. A favorite fall break travel idea that has been on our list for years is renting a cabin at Big Bear Lake in Southern California. We visit Southern California often and would love to show our daughters a different experience in our favorite travel state destination. It’s been over five years since the last time we stayed a weekend in a cabin at Hawley Lake and it’s definitely time to show little sister what camping is all about.

My husband did not grow up with the same outdoor adventure experiences as I did and has only a small handful of childhood camping memories. We both love being outside and have found a happy compromise with cabin rentals.

How to save on your cabin rental

Book early

Every year we talk about visiting a cabin with our daughters but don’t seriously look into booking the experience until we have a spontaneous weekend available. The best cabins at the best prices take reservations early and unless you’re in for a true outdoors experience without the comforts of a warm cabin, you should book early too.

Travel with family or friends

Cabins vary in size and price but the expense can be cut down greatly by traveling with family or friends. 

Bear Loop Estate, Big Bear Lake, California | sleeps 12

Lake Cottage, Big Bear Lake, California | sleeps 6

Pet friendly cabins

When we travel, our Siberian Husky often stays at a dog boarding facility where she gets to play with her doggie friends all day. We love where we take her but it also comes with a big expense. You can save on your family travel expense by booking a pet friendly cabin so your dog can travel with you.

Read the reviews

We once spent a weekend in a cabin we regretted booking from the minute we arrived. Read the reviews and your family will have a much better experience because you’ll know what to expect.

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Big Bear Cool Cabins is a 4-star resort and currently manages over 400 properties both in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. There are many different onsite and nearby activities including hiking, fishing, water sports, zip lining, stargazing and more. It’s the perfect destination for fall break family travel.

What would your family love most about spending time at Big Bear Lake in Southern California?

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Save 15% on a cabin rental at Big Bear Lake, California! These cabin rental tips will help you make a great decision when booking your next family getaway.

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  1. I have been wanting to go there since I had first heard about it. It sounds like you have some great tips here to make sure that you get a good cabin and save money! I am all about vacationing and saving money at the same time.

  2. I’ve always wanted to went a cabin. Thanks for sharing these tips. I typically wait until the last minute and the cabins are usually all booked up. Looking forward to renting a cabin for our next family vacation.

  3. We always went to Gatlinburg when I was younger. We have been wanting to do something like this for our kids. Thank you for the tips. They will come in very useful.

  4. We love visiting new places, and a cabin sounds right up our alley. This looks like a really cool place to stay! I’ve never been to California and there is so much stuff to explore.

  5. Thank you for pointing out that it is a good idea to book early so that you can find a rental cabin at the best price. My wife and I are wanting to celebrate our second anniversary this year by renting a cabin for a couple of days. Booking a cabin early will allow us to spend our money elsewhere on our trip.

  6. I appreciate that you said that making reservations in advance can help you get the greatest deal on a rental cottage. This year, my wife and I plan to spend a few days renting a cabin to commemorate our second anniversary. We may use the money we save on a cabin reservation elsewhere on our trip.


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