Trusting Connections Girl Scout Cookie Buying Event

Trusting Connections Inspires Young Leaders Growing up the most inspiring female role models I looked up to included my mom and grandmother along with a shortlist of other family members. I grew up in a small town and well before the internet was available in households beyond dial-up and the high school library. I wasn’t … Read more

Tips for Teaching Your Child About Sportsmanship

This post is sponsored by Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona. All opinions are my own. #BCBSAZHealthy
 Tips for teaching your child about sportsmanship My husband and I both grew up in sports families. We watched and played team sports from a very early age and learned about “being a good sport” from coaches, teammates, … Read more

Scooter Safety Tips

This post is sponsored in collaboration with the Best Buy influencer network.  All opinions are my own. Scooter Safety Tips My first year of college was the first time I had lived outside of my parent’s home. I moved from the small mining town where I grew up to a large college campus where there … Read more

Back to School Essentials

This post is sponsored by #BackToSchoolBBxx Back to School Essentials Like every year, this summer seemed to fly by. Just last night I was at my oldest daughter’s school for curriculum night hearing all the plans her eight teachers have for their fifth grade classrooms. She attends a charter school with a very structured … Read more

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