Snow Peak Mountain Cookies | Abominable Movie

Snow Peak Mountain Cookies From the studio that brought us How to Train Your Dragon, the new animated Abominable  is in theaters September 27th. The story about a little girl and her sweet bond with the yeti, Everest, will surely be a family favorite and we loved seeing it at an early screening earlier this month. … Read more

Saguaro Cactus Watermelon Bowl

Saguaro Cactus Watermelon Bowl Last year when I hosted our dinner in the desert burger bar party, I put together a great evening with very little time spent on preparation. The Arizona desert is a beautiful background for a dinner party and this one didn’t disappoint with some fun cactus themed treats. The saguaro cactus … Read more

Boston Market Online Delivery

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Boston Market. Boston Market Online Delivery We are the family with team practices, sporting events or other commitments everyday of the week. Our daughters get a few rest days incorporated because they don’t always have overlapping activities but for my husband and I, we are generally in opposite … Read more

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