Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom – a survival story about a baby monkey and his momma


I was invited to a complimentary screening of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom before it was released in theaters. All opinions are my own. It's been over six years since I had a newborn baby at home. With the arrival of our new daughter I was quickly reminded just how exhausting it is caring for an infant. Just a couple of days after her birth, attempting to maintain some normalcy for our six year old daughter, I attended a screening of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom. We had been looking Read More... {Read More...}

Our baby birth story


Our new baby's birth story isn't what I expected. My pregnancy with our six year old daughter had no complications and I was induced just before her due date. The induction was quick and easy - Pitocin, broken water, delivered baby with three pushes. I had been on Pitocin for an entire day during my first daughter's induction with no real progress. Overnight I was given a break and then the doctor broke my water in the morning. Our daughter was born just a short time later with truly only three Read More... {Read More...}

Bed-sharing with your pet, is it okay?


This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor Kristen. Pet owners often have strong feelings one way or another about bed-sharing with your pet, most commonly a cat or dog. There are those of us who wouldn't dream of allowing their furry companion to invade the bedroom, and there are those of us who can't imagine not snuggling up with our animal pals. Is bed-sharing with your pet okay? In our household, it's more of a family affair. Our dog, N.A.S.H.A., will Read More... {Read More...}

10 reasons I would attend Social Media on the Sand at Beaches Turks and Caicos again


Last year when I was invited to the Social Media on the Sand conference at Beaches Turks and Caicos I knew it would be an unbelievable experience. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when my husband and I realized it overlapped with an out of state work conference he could not miss. Knowing I couldn't attend with my husband and not wanting to pass by the opportunity to learn with top social influencers, I invited my mom, her cousin and 80 year old aunt to go with me. It was the first Read More... {Read More...}

A Girl Like Her film is spreading awareness about bullying


I received complimentary screening access to view A Girl Like Her prior to the theater release in exchange for this post. All opinions and ideas are my own. #AGirlLikeHerMovie Imagine being harassed everyday by the person you once called a best friend and never knowing why. Imagine dreading going to a place you once loved and felt safe. Now imagine not being able to tell anyone and hoping it would simply all go away. This is not just a storyline, this is what millions of children and young Read More... {Read More...}

Pink and gold nursery


When we first found out we were expecting, I truly had no gut feeling about our baby being a boy or a girl. Finding out we were having another daughter was a very exciting moment. Although my six year old daughter said she wanted a baby brother initially, she is now ecstatic about having a baby sister. I started planning a nursery soon after and tried to stray far from my favorite blues I somehow end up incorporating in every room of our home. My daughter was heavily involved in the color theme Read More... {Read More...}