Visit Carlsbad: Southern California family travel


If there is just one place I could bottle up and keep in my pocket it would be, without a second thought, Carlsbad, California. The beach town has so much special significance to our family. It's the first place my husband and I road tripped to while we were dating almost 15 years ago. We have visited every summer since and make sure to stop by at least for a quick walk on the beach or lunch at our favorite restaurant every time we travel to Southern California. Our last summer vacation in Read More... {Read More...}

Do Hamsters Make Good Pets for Kids?

do hamsters make good pets image

This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor Kristen. So, you're considering a hamster as a pet for your child? A hamster is a classic. They are cute and relatively low maintenance, and are generally thought of as great starter pets for kids. As with any type of pet, it is important to do thorough research before diving in. There is nothing worse than getting a pet and then soon realizing that it is not a good fit. This is especially true when kids are Read More... {Read More...}

Baby photography studio session – tips to make it great!


We have our family photos taken every year before the holidays. Working with different bloggers and creative entreprenuers has put me in touch with so many wonderfully talented people. Unfortunately both photographers we've worked with for the past few years for our family photos have moved out of state. This year I truly had no idea where I would turn when it was time for photos of my sweet daughters. Instead of trying to develop a new relationship with a local photographer, I participated in a Read More... {Read More...}

Could Your Child be Lured by a Stranger With a Puppy?


This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor Kristen. Would your child talk to a stranger? I don't know about you, but I speak to my children about "stranger danger" all the time–not every day, but quite frequently. I don't want them to be anti-social freakazoids, so we have a simple rule: If I am standing close enough for you to touch me, you may speak to whomever you like. But if I'm not within arms reach, you must ask me before you speak to anyone you don't know. Read More... {Read More...}

Explore Hawaii Norwegian Cruise Line


Almost 10 years ago my husband and I had a beautiful wedding in Arizona and went on an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii. Many years and two kids later, each year we say our ultimate summer vacation would be recreating that Hawaii experience with our children. The amazing memories of our seven day Hawaiian cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line is enough to want to go back, but this week I've been spending a lot of time daydreaming of that trip after receiving beautiful tropical flowers from Pro Read More... {Read More...}

Disney Descendants Popcorn: Team Heroes and Team Villains


Last week we purchased the new Disney Descendants DVD and have already watched it a few times. The treats we prepared for our Descendants party have made second and third appearances for our many movie nights already. Descendants popcorn has been a favorite in our house and my daughter can't quite decide if she prefers the Team Heroes or Team Villains treat. The decorated popcorn bags make this the perfect activity and movie snack for nights of Descendants fun. Disney Read More... {Read More...}