Maleficent Flittle blue fairy costume

When I think of the original Sleeping Beauty, fairies definitely come to mind. But the plump colorful fairies we remember from the original are not the ones making an appearance in Maleficent. Instead, the movie features three pixies with eclectic costumes. With my six year old daughter dressed as Maleficent, the baby in a baby Aurora costume, and my husband wearing his Maleficent crow costume, it only seemed fitting I make myself a Flittle costume. Because we all know the pixies as iconic fairies, we’ll call it a Flittle blue fairy costume but true Maleficent fans know Flittle is a pixie.


Maleficent Flittle blue fairy costume tutorial


  • blue dress
  • blue fleece for leaves
  • wings
  • fake flowers
  • witch hat headband (to make hat)


Cut large fleece leaves and use a sewing machine to stitch two layers along bottom of dress and waistline. The placement was not precise and I wasn’t careful as I quickly stitched them to the dress. Use hot glue to place flowers between leaves on dress.


My mom used a pattern to add fleece sleeves to my dress. Then I used hot glue to secure flowers covering the sleeves and down the sides of the dress.


The hat was made by wrapping fleece around a witch hat headband. I made the hat taller by securing a straw to the top of the hat before I started wrapping it with fleece. Carefully secure the fleece edges with hot glue. I also cut a few leaf shaped pieces of fleece to add to the hat.


Spray your hair blue, add a cute baby and you have a perfect blue fairy and baby Aurora pair!


Our family had so much fun in our Maleficent family costumes at the Disneyland Mickey’s Halloween Party this year!


Last year we attended Mickey’s Halloween Party as Crackle, Sofia, and Clover in our DIY Sofia the First costumes. The year before we all dressed up in Disney Mummy costumes. The Maleficent family costume is my favorite so far!

Which Maleficent pixie, or Sleeping Beauty fairy, is your favorite?

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