DIY Disney Mummy Costume

My daughter told me she wanted to be a mummy for Halloween this year. We planned to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland and I was hoping she would want to dress up as a Disney character instead. She was determined to be a mummy so I had some fun and made our entire family Disney mummy costumes.

DIY Disney Mummies Costume (1)

We had the best time trick or treating in Disneyland and received many compliments on our costumes. 

DIY Disney Mummies Costume at Disneyland Castle

To make the costumes I used supplies I already had at home with the addition of fabric.


  • light colored shirt and pants
  • Mickey ears hat
  • muslin fabric (I used six yards total to make our family costumes – two adult shirts, one child shirt, one child pants, and three hats)
  • fabric glue (not pictured)

DIY Disney Mummies Costume supplies

Cut or tear the muslin fabric into long strips. The messier the better! 

DIY Disney Mummies Costume fabric strips

I initially started sewing the strips to my daughter’s shirt. I completely covered the chest and midsection before realizing how much easier this project would be with fabric glue. 

DIY Disney Mummies Costume shirt

I completed the shirt with fabric glue and did not return to my sewing machine for the costumes.  I dabbed small amounts of glue on the muslin as I wrapped it around the shirt. In some places I let the end of the fabric strip hang off the shirt for a more distressed look.

DIY Disney Mummies Costume no sew

I used the glue to wrap fabric around each pant leg and then left a long strip at the bottom to wrap around my daughter’s shoes.   

DIY Disney Mummies Costume no  sew pants

The hat my daughter used in her costume was her very first Mickey ears and I didn’t want it damaged with glue.  I made sure not to get any fabric glue directly on the Mickey Ears hats. Start by wrapping the ears first and use the glue in between the fabric to hold it in place.

DIY Disney Mummies Costume, wrapped Mickey ears

I continued to wrap the hat until it was completely covered with fabric. I used glue to hold the end of the last strip in place.

DIY Disney Mummies Costume Mickey ears

Allow your costume to dry for 30 minutes before wearing. The instructions on the fabric glue bottle advise to wait a full 24 hours before washing.  

My daughter was anxious to try on her new costume with mummy makeup. I put white allover her face. I added brown and black around her eyes and mouth. She loved it!

DIY Disney Mummies Costume makeup

I made matching shirts and hats for my husband and I to wear. We had so much fun wearing our Disney mummy costumes in Disneyland!   

DIY Disney Mummies Costume in Disneyland

Our Disney mummy costumes are definitely my new family favorite! 

DIY Disney Mummies Costume at Disneyland pumpkin

Does your family wear matching costumes for Halloween too? 

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