Easy DIY Octopus Costume

I have to give all the credit to my daughter on this costume. As the SeaWorld guest kid blogger, she always plans a fun costume idea for our visit to the Halloween Spooktacular. This year she was really excited to make her own octopus costume. The easy DIY octopus costume was all her idea. She was able to make the entire costume with just my supervision.


Easy DIY Octopus Costume tutorial


  • long sleeve shirt
  • three pairs of leggings, one pair must fit for actual leggings but the other two can be different sizing (she used all pink but mismatched would be fun too! A great way to recycle clothes that no longer fit!)
  • beanie
  • white fabric and marker (for eyes on hat – a scrap of fabric from an old t-shirt works perfectly)
  • bubble wrap
  • hot glue


Older children may be able to tackle most of these steps on their own but adult supervision is absolutely required because scissors and a glue gun are used.

Cut strips of bubble wrap to fit the shirt sleeves and leggings length. Use hot glue to attach to sleeve and leggings. All bubble wrap should be attached to the outer layer of clothing on the interior side of “tentacles”. Glue a pair of leggings to both sides of the waistband on the leggings child will wear (turn waistband inward and simply adhere with hot glue). Make the hat by gluing two white circles to front and adding a black circle in the center of each eye.


Wear your octopus costume when you trick or treat at the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular!


If you’re in SeaWorld San Diego, be sure to stop by and visit Buttercup the octopus! 


You might even end up bringing a Buttercup home. My daughter loves her new stuffed octopus and plans to bring her out trick or treating with us tonight!


Last year our entire family wore DIY Macaroni Penguin costumes to the Halloween Spooktacular and family sleepover at SeaWorld. My daughter had her own fun creating a kids craft DIY fish costume that her baby sister wore this year.


She also recycled a cardboard box into a kids craft DIY turtle shell


Do your children have creative sea inspired costume ideas of their own on Halloween too?

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