Maleficent Baby Aurora Costume Tutorial

Our family always has fun themed Disney costumes for when we attend Mickey’s Halloween Party. This year my six year old daughter decided she was dressing up as Maleficent and I couldn’t be more happy because her baby sister made the cutest baby Aurora! Knowing we wouldn’t be able to purchase anything similar to the beautiful dress and bonnet worn in the movie, we decided to make our own. I can sew but had no idea how I would create that magical baby costume. A few days later my mom was at my house with her sewing machine and sewed an almost exact replica. Our happy baby was the best accessory to our family Maleficent costumes! 


The baby in the film looks so intrigued by Maleficent. Our baby had the expression every time she saw her big sister in costume too.


Baby Aurora Costume Tutorial


  • Baby doll style dress (we used this as the base for the costume to avoid starting completely from scratch)
  • white crochet hat (purchased from Joanne’s)
  • embellished fabric for bodice
  • white and gold sheer fabric (for sleeves and gown overlay)
  • thick gold lace (for waistline trim)
  • thin gold embellishment (for bonnet)


We used supplies we though would replicate the actual dress and bonnet but crafting this costume will be different depending on your chosen supplies. My mom used a seam ripper to remove the sleeves and existing bodice. She used the removed bodice piece as a pattern for the new piece. She carefully stitched the dress back together with the new bodice and gold sleeves she had made using a pattern for a similar dress. The sheer overlay was slightly longer than the existing gown and was further embellished with the gold trim. She used the same gold trim across the top of the bodice. The thin gold trim was applied over the trim on the bodice and then to embellish the hat. The crocheted hat didn’t quite look like a bonnet so we used the thick gold trim to add ties to each side.


Big sister was so excited to try on her costume with our baby Aurora. 


Just a few days later we went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Trick or treating in costume was so much fun and we received many compliments on the baby’s costume. She has such a fun personality and trying to eat her sister’s costume during our family photo made it a perfect night!


By the time we left Disneyland, our little baby Aurora was almost a real Sleeping Beauty.


Last year we attended Mickey’s Halloween Party as Crackle, Sofia, and Clover in our DIY Sofia the First costumes. The year before we all dressed up in Disney Mummy costumes.

Do you have a fun Disney baby costume idea for Halloween this year?

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