Maleficent Crow Costume Tutorial

Every year Halloween becomes a topic of discussion in our home several months before fall. We travel to Southern California frequently and Mickey’s Halloween Party is a favorite event during October. From the time she watched as Maleficent interrupted Elle Fanning’s birthday song at the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, my six year old daughter has had plans to dress like the villain for Halloween. Her costume wouldn’t be complete without her crow, Diaval. My husband, lucky guy, was the perfect crow to accompany Maleficent to the Disneyland Halloween event this year. The easy Maleficent crow costume took just a few minutes to put together.


Maleficent and her crow, Diaval, are quite the pair. The iconic image from the original Sleeping Beauty comes to mind but the stunning Angelina Jolie showed us just how powerful a crow can be. With my daughter already very excited about her Maleficent costume, she couldn’t wait to attend Mickey’s Halloween Party with her dad dressed as her crow.


Maleficent Crow Costume Tutorial



With my supervision, my daughter secured the feathers to the mask. We were careful to avoid the eye holes and beak. Although the feathers do not need to follow a pattern, she very carefully and intentionally placed them on the mask. If you accidentally cover the eyes or get too close to the beak, use scissors to trim back the feathers.


My husband wore a black shirt with the mask and was the perfect crow for our Maleficent family costumes at Mickey’s Halloween Party. Our family had so much fun dressed as Diaval (the crow), Flittle (the blue fairy),  baby Aurora, and Maleficent! 


Last year we attended Mickey’s Halloween Party as Crackle, Sofia, and Clover in our DIY Sofia the First costumes. The year before we all dressed up in Disney Mummy costumes.

Does your family dress up in themed Disney Halloween costumes together too? 

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