Fall Tree Kids Craft

This project was originally shared 2/26/12.

Although we live in Arizona and don’t get much of a fall season, it’s my favorite time of year because kids can finally comfortably play outside and personally drinking warm coffee in a seasonal cup doesn’t feel so silly. Fall to me says cute boots, cinnamon pinecones, and plenty of kids crafts. Sure, we could also be sipping cold lemonade while wearing flip flops because our warm temperatures don’t quite drop low enough to actually warrant wearing boots, but then we would be missing out on the few months it is acceptable to celebrate the approaching family holidays. Previously, as a preschool teacher, fall was a great educational opportunity to teach children about environments beyond their familiarity. Growing up in Arizona you don’t get the opportunity to associate fall to leaves changing colors. Additionally, the fall tree preschool craft is a great classroom project because it practices fine motor skills and self expression. Make a fall tree kids craft at home, school, or even a park picnic table during a play date.

fall tree kids craft project

Fall tree craft tutorial


  • empty Play-Doh containers – match your lids to your paint colors for recognition practice
  • cardboard cut into tree branch shape
  • brown yarn
  • Elmer’s glue 
  • brown, green, orange, and yellow paint 
  • cardstock

fall tree craft supplies


Preparation: Cut the cardboard tree trunks for smaller children. 

My daughter is currently in first grade and could easily cut out the trunk design herself with safety scissors but an adult should always be supervising.

Tree Trunk: Glue the tree trunk to cardstock.  To encourage creativity I didn’t precut the brown yarn to embellish the tree trunk. Instruct your little crafter to use the yarn to create bark on the tree.  

Painting leaves: Pour paint on a paper plate to avoid adding a paintbrush to the project supplies.  The Play-Doh containers are just the right size for little hands to use as stamps when flipped upside down. The ring around the top of the lid perfectly collects paint when gently placed on the paper plate. Give no further direction about where to add leaves to the tree and watch as a masterpiece is created. 


Make this project extra fun by adding a road trip to count the different colors of changing leaves!

Do you have a favorite educational craft to help teach about seasonal environments?

10 thoughts on “Fall Tree Kids Craft”

  1. Thanks for the cute idea!! I wondered if you’d be willing to let me link to this post in a fall kids craft round up I’m putting together on my blog. If I could link to it and use one of your pictures, it’d be great!

  2. I did this with my daughter today. Just make sure to lay out newspaper on the table AND floor you’re going to work. There may not be any paintbrushes, but where there’s paint, there’s a mess a-brewing, and my storm of a daughter is just one to make it happen. Thank you for sharing!


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