Party in a Jar book, recycle jars into fun kids crafts

My love for kids crafts has me frequently browsing online looking for new classroom craft ideas. My daughter and I make projects together at home daily and we are always surrounded in a fun mess of paint, glitter, and other crafting supplies. The value of teaching to express their creativity goes far beyond simply making something pretty. My friend Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola from See Vanessa Craft has a background in clinicial social work and is passionate about the therapeutic value in Read More... {Read More...}

Preschool science moon craft

This week in my preschool classroom our learning theme is space. We are having so much fun learning about the solar system and making space projects together. A moon craft was perfect for a classroom preschool science project during space week. Preschool science moon craft tutorial Supplies: white paint all purpose flour black construction paper yellow crayon paintbrush small round containers or lids to make craters in surface of moon optional: grey paint (black and white Read More... {Read More...}

Building confidence and growing creativity with Crayola colors

  When a young child creates a masterpiece, a work of art they are proud of, their self esteem soars. As a preschool teacher I know how fine motor skills are developed through art and the use of different materials. Most of my favorite classroom projects are centered around open ended art to give each child the feeling of accomplishment. With out any specific outcome desired, children are able to explore their own creativity. They are able to build confidence and be comfortable with Read More... {Read More...}

Recycled milk jug valentines mailbox

Classroom Valentine's Day parties usually result in your child coming home with a backpack stuffed full of cute cards and treats. Teachers might ask you to help your child make a mailbox for collecting their valentines in the classroom. Use the opportunity to recycle a milk jug and have some fun getting creative with your child. If you are a teacher looking for easy valentine mailbox ideas in your classroom, ask each student to bring an empty clean milk jug to class. The easy mailboxes can be Read More... {Read More...}

Nature Walk and Collage, Science Kids Craft

With fall on its way my family is enjoying spending more time outside playing. My daughter and I recently went on a nature walk around our yard and turned some of her favorite findings into a collage.  Going on a nature walk and making a collage created a great opportunity to teach my daughter about all the different living things we have in our yard. We began with a short walk around pointing out different plants, leaves, grass, and rocks. My daughter collected a few of her Read More... {Read More...}

Kids Craft Shark Puppet

We have been following along watching Discovery's Shark Week and kicked off the last day with a fun kids craft.  My daughter really enjoyed making the kids craft shark puppet.  The puppet will be joining us today while we learn more about sharks. Supplies: construction paper small paper plate googly eyes safety scissors craft stick glue stick  Begin by cutting the shark shape out of the construction paper.  This week we have learned about so many Read More... {Read More...}

Kids Craft – Colored Macaroni

I spend a lot of time at home crafting with my four year old daughter.  Some of our most favorite projects start with household items and require no special trips to the store.  We use food dye to color macaroni noodles almost weekly.  We started coloring macaroni when my daughter was just learning colors several years ago.  Now she really enjoys mixing the colors to create her favorite shades. You can use any shape or size noodles.  The noodles are great for many Read More... {Read More...}

Safari Shakers with buttons and Shamrock Farms bottles

As a preschool teacher, I'm always seeking frugal crafts that can incorporate music and movement in the classroom.  This week we are focusing on a safari theme and had fun making noisy shakers. This project is fun for toddlers as well as older preschool aged children. Supplies: empty plastic milk bottles buttons stickers If you're working with older children, allow them to remove the plastic wrapper from the bottle.  With toddlers, this would be a teacher prep Read More... {Read More...}

Shrinky Dink Necklace – watch me on the SheKnows Daily Dish {video tutorial}

Do you remember the super cute "I am thankful for..." Shrinky Dink Necklace I shared at Mom Endeavors last year? My daughter and I will be making a few this week to send to grandparents for Valentine's Day.  Instead of using the thankful theme, we are making "I love you because" necklaces. A few weeks ago I co-hosted an entire week of the SheKnows TV Daily Dish show.  Each day I shared a fun and easy kids craft.  I had a great time teaching the host, Cathy Rankin, and her daughter how to Read More... {Read More...}

Sugar Cone Santa Hats with Smart and Final

As a pre-k teacher, I'm always looking for fun kitchen projects to bring into my classroom.  Sometimes we follow recipes but other times we build masterpieces with edible items.  December is a busy month at school and thanks to Smart & Final, my students have a perfect kitchen craft for the holidays. I had a great time shopping at Smart & Final for the project supplies.  I was amazed by the low prices!  I was able to quickly find everything needed to make 17 sugar cone Santa hats in Read More... {Read More...}