Preschool science moon craft

This week in my preschool classroom our learning theme is space. We are having so much fun learning about the solar system and making space projects together. A moon craft was perfect for a classroom preschool science project during space week.


Preschool science moon craft tutorial


  • white paint
  • all purpose flour
  • black construction paper
  • yellow crayon
  • paintbrush
  • small round containers or lids to make craters in surface of moon
  • optional: grey paint (black and white paint mixed) and glitter

Prepare the textured paint by mixing 1/4 C white paint with 3 TBSP flour.


Use a yellow crayon to draw things you would see in space on a piece of black construction paper. Then use a paintbrush to apply the textured paint to the center of the black construction paper. The thick paint creates a perfect bumpy surface to represent the moon. Use grey paint to add shadows and circular objects to stamp craters in the surface of the moon.


The children in my classroom love glitter so we added a little sparkle to our preschool science moon craft.


Learning about space is so much fun and the preschool science moon craft was a great addition to our lesson this week. Looking for other fun classroom preschool science projects? My thunderstorm in a cup is a favorite in my classroom!

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While the focus of our lesson was the surface of the moon and Neil Armstrong, I heard plenty of questions about martians and aliens. My five year old daughter was quick to share that just because we haven’t seen aliens on the moon doesn’t mean they don’t exist. What is the silliest thing your child has said while learning about the solar system?

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