Recycled milk jug valentines mailbox

Classroom Valentine’s Day parties usually result in your child coming home with a backpack stuffed full of cute cards and treats. Teachers might ask you to help your child make a mailbox for collecting their valentines in the classroom. Use the opportunity to recycle a milk jug and have some fun getting creative with your child. If you are a teacher looking for easy valentine mailbox ideas in your classroom, ask each student to bring an empty clean milk jug to class. The easy mailboxes can be made as your party starts before the children hand out valentines. The handle is perfect for little hands to carry home all their cards and sweets.

recycled milk jug valentines mailbox


  • empty clean milk jug
  • scissors
  • stickers and embellishments (washi tape, glitter glue, ribbon, etc.)

recycled milk jug valentine mailbox supplies

Cut the side of the milk jug to make the opening on the mailbox. Be sure not to cut the side with the handle.

cut milk jug for valentines milkbox

Ribbon can be tied directly onto the handle or use a hole punch and then thread the ribbon through the holes.

use ribbon on your recycled milk jug valeentines mailbox

Personalizing the mailbox is fun!

decorate a recycled milk jug valentines mailbox

Teacher tip: use a permanent marker to write your students’ names on the bottom of the milk jugs to avoid any mailbox mix ups when the party starts.

Has your child made their valentines mailbox yet?

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