DIY FROZEN shirt kids craft

This summer my daughter has watched FROZEN well over a hundred times at home. While the DVD is getting played a lot in our home, the fun doesn’t stop there. My daughter loves twirling around pretending to be Anna or Elsa, playing with homemade Olaf play dough, and singing her favorite songs from the movie. With a few upcoming visits to Disneyland planned, we had some fun making a DIY FROZEN shirt kids craft this week. My daughter is very proud of the shirt she made and is very excited to wear it to see her favorite princesses, Anna and Elsa, at Disneyland.


DIY FROZEN shirt kids craft supplies:

  • blank shirt
  • snowflake fabric stamp, similar: Fantastic Foam Snowflake Stamps (affliliate link)
  • blue and white fabric paint
  • paintbrush
  • optional: fabric glue and fabric glitter


Pour a small amount of white and blue fabric paint in a plastic container or on a plate. Apply a thin layer of paint to the snowflake stamp. The snowflakes can be solid or created by mixing the paint colors. My daughter was very intentional about each snowflake she painted but each shirt will be unique depending on your child’s creativity. 


Gently press the painted snowflake stamp on the front of the DIY FROZEN shirt. 


For sparkly snowflakes, use fabric glue and glitter to decorate your DIY FROZEN shirt. My daughter carefully painted dots of glue on her snowflakes and then sprinkled the glitter directly on top. 


 Allow the shirt to completely dry before wearing. Wait a full 48 hours before washing. 


Imagine your child’s eyes lighting up the first time they wear their new DIY FROZEN shirt. My daughter is extremely proud of the shirt she made and I’m sure she will want to wear it daily during our summer vacation to Disneyland.

If you’re looking for other FROZEN themed kids crafts, have some fun making Disney FROZEN characters ice toys.


Will you make a matching DIY FROZEN shirt for yourself too?

If you’re visiting Disneyland, make sure you visit the Disney FROZEN character experience to meet Anna and Elsa.

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