Building confidence and growing creativity with Crayola colors


When a young child creates a masterpiece, a work of art they are proud of, their self esteem soars. As a preschool teacher I know how fine motor skills are developed through art and the use of different materials. Most of my favorite classroom projects are centered around open ended art to give each child the feeling of accomplishment. With out any specific outcome desired, children are able to explore their own creativity. They are able to build confidence and be comfortable with their own personal choices. Hearing praise from friends at the art center encourages children to continue exploring new materials and trying different methods. Offering many different supplies and applications is easy when you start with a blank surface. You’ll be amazed by how easily creativity will grow while your child is building confidence with Crayola colors


With a blank surface to begin many different art supplies can be used together to create a masterpiece. Crayola offers many different art products that can easily be used together in the classroom or at home to facilitate art projects. Some of my favorites include crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, and washable paint. Burlap is a great surface to use with all of the supplies. The texture creates an art experience much different than when using smooth paper.


Coloring burlap with crayons is fun and provides a great opportunity to discuss color shades. 


Markers create a completely different type of color on burlap than the crayons.  


Using sidewalk chalk outside is fun but can also be used inside at your art center. The chalk has a more vibrant look on the burlap than the crayons and markers.  


Washable paint can be used directly on the blank burlap or over the already colored areas.  


With so many different options, the project will be creative and your child will have a great feeling of accomplishment. 


My daughter revisits the same project numerous times over several days before she declares her masterpiece has been completed. Adding layers with different supplies and colors will make an interesting piece of art. 


Display your child’s finished artwork in your home or classroom to encourage further exploration with art supplies. Seeing others enjoy their self expression will help build confidence.

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If your child is already comfortable using art supplies, try offering only a few colors during each sitting. Change the colors in your art center every few days to encourage new expressions.

Find more creative project ideas by connecting with Crayola on Pinterest. You can follow the colorful fun on Facebook too.

Which Crayola art product is your child’s favorite?

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  1. I love the idea of coloring on a textured surface like burlap. I have 3 year old girls that I sit for and they love crayola too…but like you said, they can get overwhelmed (and really messy) with too many supplies so I so what you suggested and give them a different medium each day until they are done. I can not WAIT To give them burlap as a canvas!! #client


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