The Ultimate Gift | Family Health

This is a sponsored post in partnership with CATALO and The Motherhood. Family Photos by Madyson Floyd.

The Ultimate Gift | Family Health

We are so close to the end of the year and as I’m working my way through holiday gifting, I’m also reflecting on the ultimate gift of family health. This year has been full of so many family adventures, learning opportunities and accomplishments we are so proud of. It’s also been a year of family health and everyday we feel grateful. Our daughters take daily vitamins and with CATALO products, we have that sense of relief knowing we are giving our daughters the best to meet their nutritional needs.

All year I’ve been talking about the benefits of DHA in vitamins for children. In our Fall Season Family Wellness Tips and A Month of Appreciation, I shared that our daughters take a daily dose for children’s brain and eye development. This holiday season CATALO is definitely part of our ultimate gift of family health.

Our oldest daughter is about to celebrate her 10th birthday and I’m baffled by how quickly the last decade has gone by. She is a shining star on her competitive rock climbing team and still loves sharing how we can all make positive changes for animals and ocean health as the SeaWorld kid blogger.

Our youngest daughter is three and is just as active as her big sister. She is currently playing in a tee-ball league and loves to tag along to the rock climbing gym to tell everyone she is also on the team. 

We have had no serious injuries or illnesses this year and for that we are always appreciative for our family health. CATALO Children’s DHA Formula has concentrated Omega 3 made from unpolluted small ocean fishes. With 200mg DHA per serving for children’s brain and eye development, the easy to be chewed softgel is appropriate for both our three year old and nine year old daughters.

CATALO is a well trusted brand with a variety of products with a focus on maternal, baby and children wellness. Their mission is to promote physical health and beauty through products from nature and education.

What is the ultimate gift for your family this year?

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The ultimate gift is family health. CATALO Children's DHA formula provides essential nutrients for your growing children.

All products are natural health supplement. Not for medical use. Shall not imply or use any word such as ‘cure, dosage, prevent, diagnose, treat, etc.

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  1. I was just talking about family health the other day and how blessed we are to have such good health, but I agree that sometimes we need to help our kids and supplements are a great help during cold and flu season.

  2. Aaaw…such beautiful daughters you have. And it feels nice that you’re perfectly taking care if your family this festive with such great supplements. In have taken supplements with Omega 3 before too, though they weren’t yummy at all, they were great.


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