A Month of Appreciation: Family Health


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A Month of Appreciation: Family Health

When you think of everything you have to appreciate, the list is generally pretty long. If you have children, they are always included and for us, I’m feeling especially thankful for their health. My husband and I both have congenital heart defects and I was in my mid 30’s while pregnant with our youngest daughter. We realize we are very fortunate to have two perfectly healthy children. While we do have healthy children, we also recognize what we can do to help their little brains continue to develop. CATALO products meet nutrition needs at every stage of life and are excellent for children before they are even born with maternal vitamins. 

Both my daughters are amazing and I feel so appreciative for their health. My youngest though, is the baby that I was sure would never join our family. The year before she was born I honestly had given up the hope that our oldest daughter would ever get the opportunity to be a big sister. We had just cleared out our garage of everything baby and started moving in a direction of accepting the fact that we would forever be the parents of an only child when we found out we were expecting. It was our oldest daughter’s first day of kindergarten and the best surprise to my husband and I. Every single day I feel thankful for this child.

photo by Madyson Floyd, 2018

From the time this sweet girl was brand new she has been showering our family with love. She is kind and thoughtful and everything happy all bundled up in a giant ball of energy. She is the best photobomber and we don’t have many family photos without her doing something silly to steal the spotlight.

She is naturally smart but also the most inquisitive little three year old. She follows her big sister around wanting to be exactly like her and most days that means getting herself involved in projects well beyond her capabilities. This is the first year she is in full time daycare and I love receiving photos from her school everyday showing me what she’s up to. 

I’m amazed by her creativity and especially enjoy watching her play with blocks.

In what seems like just a few minutes she carefully constructs castles, houses, kingdoms, and so much more with her blocks. Every building is different and she has so many amazing stories to tell as she is getting creative.

Last month I shared about Fall Season Wellness Tips with CATALO. And now I’m sharing an alternative to that fishy aftertaste you might experience with Children’s DHA vitamins. The Children’s Algae DHA + Omega-3 Vegetarian Gummies contains Omega 3, 6, 9 and DHA to support learning and healthy brain visual development. They are chewable gummies and appropriate for children of varying ages. They are made with vegetarian algae DHA and chia seeds to increase essential fatty acids intake and are the perfect addition to a strong foundation of health, just like my daughter’s stacked building blocks.   

What are you most thankful for during reflection in this month of appreciation?

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We feel so appreciative for our healthy daughters and do all we can to help their little brains develop with CATALO vitamins.

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  1. Yo have a beaitiful family. DHA is so important even for us older folks too; happy to see products that are adding it to foods etc.


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