Santa Visit Experience at HGTV’s Santa HQ

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Santa Visit Experience at HGTV’s Santa HQ

For months our daughters have been talking about visiting Santa Clause. They are three and nine years old and even with that age gap, have a special bond this year because of the sweet conversations I’ve overheard when big sister answers all the questions about Santa’s magic. How does he get into our house? How do the reindeers fly? How long does it take Santa to get here? Are we on the nice list? Because our daughters are six years apart in age, I had forgotten the sweetness of the holidays with a three year old. It’s even better with a big sister who very much believes trying to explain that somehow it all just happens. The iconic Santa mall visit is so much more amazing at the HGTV’s Santa HQ. This year we had an early start and visited Santa at the Chandler Fashion Square mall the day before Thanksgiving. Reservations made and no waiting in line, this is our favorite way for our daughters to tell Santa what’s on their holiday wish list.

The HGTV Santa HQ is an unforgettable experience including many interactive opportunities leading up to your time with Santa.

To make the entire Santa visit experience great and not end up standing in a line like the one in A Christmas Story, guests can now select the date and time of their photos session by making an online reservation. We visited the day before Thanksgiving and now that we’re in the busiest weeks for Santa, the ability to make a reservation is a parenting dream come true. Santa is available for visits through Christmas Eve at various nationwide locations.

We arrived early and were the first guests in line. Our daughters were so excited to see the Santa HQ all decorated for the holidays. The holiday trees with synchronized lights and music were a favorite while we waited for Santa to arrive.

Our youngest daughter was so excited when Santa arrived. She couldn’t wait to get into the HGTV Santa HQ’s new Elf Academy. It’s a new, family-friendly experience that features interactive technology to enhance the entire experience. Little sister has been sure all year her big sister was put on the naughty list. For the past six months every argument has ended with our three year old daughter stomping out of the room claiming her big sister was definitely not on the nice list this year. Both our daughters were anxious to step on the Naughty or Nice O’Meter to determine their holiday fate.

After it was determined little sister was definitely on the nice list, she was genuinely by the results when her sister stepped on.

Her big sister didn’t ever really believe Santa would put her on the naughty list and responded with a big, “I told you so!”

The Control Center is where you get a great inside look at everything happening at the North Pole.

There’s also fun opportunities to turn yourself into an Elf in the Magic Mirror where you can try on elf outfits and then email photos of yourself to prove you really were one of Santa’s helpers this season. Our daughters had fun taking Elf-selfies and making their own Elf-ID cards.

The cards can be sent to your mobile number or email to save for later. Elf Gabie is smart, likes pasta, enjoys rock climbing and hanging out with her favorite reindeer Blitzen.

After all the fun, your visit ends with Santa. Our daughters told him exactly what was on their holiday wish lists then chatted about how they landed on the nice list this year. Santa even shared a fun science experiment idea when our oldest daughter told him she really likes science. The experience felt very personal and certainly made amazing holiday memories for our daughters. The photo opportunities include traditional packages as well as a variety for families to choose from.

Would your children love to visit Santa and stand on the Naughty or Nice O’Meter too?

Learn more about the HGTV’s Santa HQ and make an online reservation for an unforgettable Santa visit experience.

Make an online reservation at the HGTV's Santa HQ for an unforgettable Santa visit experience.


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  1. Wow, I never seen something like this. You can find out who is Naughty and Nice with machine? Wish I could have born in this generation, so that I can also do this.I would always visit this place every year

  2. It is so special when siblings can appreciate each other and develop that special bond in spite of age difference. It is truly a gift.

  3. Everyone’s exclaiming fun place for kids. M not a kid but would love to go anyway… Looks awesome. Pure and innocent fun. Frolic and laughter.. That’s what holidays are about.. Right

  4. Oh my goodness! All kids dreaming to meet Santa Claus and hoping Santa visit there lol. Kids definitely enjoying there. I love your post and stunning photos!

  5. Magical, isn’t it? I recently visited my 5-year-old niece who was trying to figure out how Santa was going to get to her house. When we suggested a sleigh, she said, “no, I don’t believe in sleighs!” Precious.

  6. The place looks so amazing and full of fun and other activities. Kids always love to see Santa Claus. I never see such places in our country but would like to visit this place for sure with kids.

  7. This is so cool! A great place for kids to have fun and have a photo opp with Santa Claus. I realized I never done it before.

  8. What a cool place to visit for kids in the Christmas. It sounds funny and cool. IT will be very happy to see their name on nice list. But on naughty list..a little sadness, even though naughty is cute.


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