Fall Season Family Wellness Tips

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Fall Season Family Wellness Tips

Fall is a favorite season for our family and a great time to focus on family wellness. Arizona had a very sudden and unexpected weather change while we were traveling during fall break. The morning we drove to San Diego for a fun family weekend, we drove through cooler temperatures and rain. It continued to rain the entire week we were away from home. Our daughters had a great fall break but were ecstatic to arrive home knowing it was still raining. The cooler weather, our very busy schedule, school and daycare germs, sports and more have me making sure my girls are getting the nutrition they need with a little help from CATALO during this fall in the desert.

These girls are so full of love for each other. Sisters are the best!

The well-trusted brand in nutritional food and supplements and is “bringing natural to your health.” In addition to my daughters taking a daily vitamin, this fall they also get CATALO Children’s DHA IQ Fish Formula (Lutein Added). The added FloraGLO lutein provides extra protection for their eyes and the 200 mg DHA per serving supports children’s brain and eye development. 

The added FloraGLO lutein in CATALO's Children's DHA IQ Fish Formula provides extra protection for their eyes and the 200 mg DHA per serving supports children's brain and eye development. 

With me working full time little sister spends the week days in preschool and daycare. She is thriving and surprisingly, I haven’t seen many days of her showing adverse symptoms from the many yucky germs she is exposed to. She’s full of energy from the moment she wakes up until she finally gives in to bedtime every night. 

My girls are full of energy from the time they wake up until they give in to bedtime every night.

She also has a genuine enthusiasm for every moment of her days. She sees so much beauty in everything, has the sweetest and most polite manors and loves her big sister so much. She wants to be just like her sister even when it means adding a daily vitamin after breakfast everyday.

Little sister is excited about CATALO's Children's DHA IQ Fish Formula.

CATALO Children’s DHA IQ Fish Formula is a strawberry flavor chewable softgel and appropriate for both our daughters, six years apart in age. 

 CATALO Children's DHA IQ Fish Formula is a strawberry flavor chewable softgel appropriate for both our daughters.

Family Wellness Tips


The cooler weather and fall activities have us out enjoying more festivals and events than in our normal routine. That also means we are not home at meal time as often. Providing proper nutrition is important for growing children. Although it’s not every meal, make an effort to pack balanced lunches on school days, start the day with an intentional breakfast and plan meals you know you can commit to on your busiest days. 


Growing children need adequate sleep. My own sleep schedule has always suffered and in recognizing the importance of adequate sleep for our daughters, I’ve also taken a step back to help be a good example for them. 

Emotional Health

In all the chaos, in all the busy mornings, in all the last minute parenting demands – we have to be intentional with our responses. Our home is warm and trusting and accepting. It’s where our daughters yell the most and express their genuine feelings – some days we have to remind ourselves this is positive. They are most comfortable here and although most days that feels pretty intense with two very expressive girls, that’s exactly how we want it. It’s also a contribution to why their not so favorable behaviors generally only happen at home– we’ll not talk about the 30 times I’ve stormed out of a store with a screaming toddler leaving behind a full cart. Discipline and learning opportunities are good for family wellness too.

CATALO‘s mission is to promote physical health and beauty through products from nature and education. The brand stands for care, vitality and longevity – everything important to our family too.

Do you have any fall season family wellness tips to share?

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Family wellness tips include nutrition, sleep and emotional health.

All products are natural health supplement. Not for medical use. Shall not imply or use any word such as β€˜cure, dosage, prevent, diagnose, treat, etc.

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  1. They are adorable! We’ve been stocking up on some natural products to prevent getting sick and unfortunately it just hit our house 2 days ago! Love fall but hate the germs lol.


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