Fall Boots for Kids | Michael Kors

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Fall Boots for Kids

We live in Arizona where fall is the most magical season because we finally get to spend our weekday evenings and all of the weekends outside. Just last night we were out on our trampoline waiting for a glimpse of the space station in the four minutes of visibility as it passed by us in the sky. Our youngest daughter, now three, pointed out how nice the cool air felt reminding us all how thankful we feel to live in this gorgeous desert. While flip flops are the Arizona shoe of choice most days, our outdoor adventures call for fall boots that can go from a holiday event to running through a field of dirt then dusted off for another day of activities. The Michael Kors Emma Valley boots from KidsShoes are exactly that shoe. Our girls have been wearing these matching boots everyday since they showed up at our door. 

With two girls in our house in addition to my own love for shoes, we have a constantly moving rotation of shoes. KidsShoes has so many great options to purchase the same shoes for both our daughters. They are six years apart and it’s rare to find matching clothes and shoes for both of them. Little sister wants to do everything exactly like her big sister and since they both get so excited for new shoes, it’s a win for us all.

Matching boots and so much love between these girls are how I want to remember every fall afternoon.

Playing in the dirt and pretending to jump across giant valleys with lava flowing beneath her feet are little sister’s favorite activities. She has an incredible imagination and loves to play outside for hours without any concerns for how much dirt she’ll be washing off her little body in a bath before bedtime. The Michael Kors Emma Valley boot is leather with a rubber blend sole so they are perfect for little sister’s spontaneous messy play. This girl finds the messiest of everything everywhere we go. She’s learning through play and with her imagination, it’s more fun for me to sit back and watch than ask her to stop.

KidsShoes have great prices on shoes for boys and girls from first walkers through big kids. They’ve delivered all of our daughters’ recent favorite shoes and a box from them is always the most exciting package. There’s also always free shipping on purchases over $50 and returns are accepted within 30 days of the purchase. Some of our favorite KidsShoes deliveries have included Kenneth Cole New York boots, Michael Kors slip ons and Sam Edelman rainbow shoes.

What are your favorite fall memories?

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Matching boots and so much love is exactly how I want to always remember fall. Shop KidsShoes.com for matching siblings shoes and these Michael Kors for Kids Emma Valley boots.

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  1. Wow, those boots are so awesome, my elder one is going to love this when I shown her. The shinny sparkle one is also soooo pretty and perfect for my little one too. Hope they are not too pricey… really want to get them for Christmas… thx!


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