Glitter Shoes | Michael Kors for Kids

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Glitter Shoes | Michael Kors for Kids

With two glitter obsessed girls in our house, our days usually end with excessive sparkles on the floor of my office because of our crafting fun. I’ll admit to bribing with glitter crafts because if it were up to my three year old daughter, she would cover herself from head to toe in glitter everyday. She is also intent on only wearing sparkly clothes and shoes so our delivery from with Michael Kors for kids glitter shoes was extra exciting this week. Little sister received the pink silver Ivy Ombre toddler shoes that perfectly matched her big sister’s Black Silver Ivy Ombre shoes. I love when they match and these shoes are the perfect sparkly pairs for sisters.

They both wore their new glitter shoes while out shopping and were so excited to find a Michael Kors window. Their love for these shoes just amplified by a million and they couldn’t believe I actually had ordered designer shoes. Little did they know, is the best place to shop because of their excellent prices, free shipping on all purchases over $30 and their 30 day return guarantee.

The comfy slip on shoes are the perfect go-to pair for school days or dressing up for a holiday event. 

My daughters are six years apart in age but have a special bond over their love for glitter, crafts and shoes. There’s really nothing sweeter than hearing them giggle together as they make magical sparkly messes. There’s always time to clean up later, these are the memories I’ll cherish.

Thanks to awesome finds at my daughters have a rotation of glitter shoes to wear to school everyday. Their other favorites are also sparkly and according to my three year old daughter, are magical and make you run faster and jump higher. Little sister knows her glitter and has big plans to fill her entire closet with only sparkles.

Do you have children obsessed with glitter too? 

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  1. Sending this to my daughter to read and look at. Think my granddaughter needs a pair of glitter shoes. She will love them and want to wear them all the time.

  2. OH my gosh, my daughter would go crazy for these glitter shoes! They look perfect for school. I was just looking for school shoes too. I think I might surprise my daughter with these.

  3. It looks like they are really loving their new glittery shoes! A great way to bring in the new school year. With sparkley new shoes.


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