Fall Boots for Kids | Kenneth Cole New York

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Fall Boots for Kids

Fall in Arizona isn’t about changing leaves or cozy sweaters. The weather isn’t quite cool enough to get bundled up for everyday errands but that’s not stopping us from enjoying the season with favorite fall boots. I have a collection in my own closet that’s making an appearance in my weekly shoe rotation but my daughters’ last year fall boots are a full size too small for both of them. That makes a special delivery from KidsShoes that much more exciting. Their adorable new matching Kenneth Cole New York boots are a fall favorite and have already been worn almost daily since they showed up on our doorstep. The Kennedy Bow boots for our oldest daughter are a perfect match to the smaller Dolly Bow-t boots for her little sister.

She wants nothing more than to be just like her big sister and having matching shoes certainly adds to the fun.

The Kenneth Cole New York boots have faux laces and an oversized bow in the back. They’re perfect to be worn with boot socks or layered with leggings. Little sister is always just one step behind her big sister and always doing her best to keep up.

They’re only little for awhile and for as long as I can, I’ll enjoy them sharing these special moments over matching shoes. 

KidsShoes are where my girls’ most favorite shoes are from and they get so excited to see a delivery because they know it has a new pair of shoes for them both to love.

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13 thoughts on “Fall Boots for Kids | Kenneth Cole New York”

  1. My girls go through boots like crazy when the weather is cold, so we’re in the market for a few new pairs. These are adorable!

  2. My 2 youngest daughters are 7 years apart, and I know my oldest would love for them to dress the same. These boots are the cutest! I love the laceups on the back. My 8 yr old would just LOVE these.

  3. Oh my word! Those boots are absolutely adorable and the glitter shoes are to-die-for!!!! I need to check out KidsShoes! {And I’m in Arizona too and I’m so thrilled to be finally able to wear boots!!!}


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