Back to School Shopping | Rainbow Glitter & Combat Boots

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Back to School Shopping

With two girls in our home, we have been obsessed with rainbows, glitter and sparkly things for longer than I can remember. This year I’m going back to school shopping for both girls because little sister is starting her first year of preschool. They are six years apart but have bonded over messy crafts and rainbow glitter. Imagine their excitement when we opened a package sent from KidsShoes to find matching Sam Edelman rainbow shoes and the cutest CHOOZEpacks, reversible backpacks.

Matching Sam Edelman shoes from KidsShoes are perfect for back to school!

Back to school shopping has been fun this season because I’ve been able to let both our daughters’ personalities shine. I did have a few specific items on my own list though because I’ve been loving KidsShoes on Instagram for months. They have the cutest collections and I honestly couldn’t wait to share this sweet surprise with my girls.

Rainbow Glitter & Combat Boots

These sisters are both excited for school to start and can’t wait to wear matching rainbow glitter shows on their first days. I love that my oldest daughter is following trends like wearing combat boots but still wants to wear the girly things she loves likes rainbow glitter and sparkly shoes.

These sisters are ready to head back to school with matching rainbow glitter shoes from KidsShoes.These sisters love their matching rainbow glitter shoes from KidsShoes. Siblings can match in rainbow glitter with Sam Edelman POLLY Sophia CHUNKY combat boots and Felicia Toddler rainbow glitter flats.

My girls love so many different prints and most days they change their outfits, shoes and accessories multiple times. With CHOOZEpacks they don’t have to decide on just one pattern because the backpacks are reversible. The bags we received each have a side with circles and a side with hearts for versatility.

CHOOZEpacks are reversible with fun prints so you don't have to choose just one!

The Sam Edelman Felicia Toddler rainbow glitter flats are a fun take on the traditional mary janes. Little sister has already decided she will be wearing these shoes everyday because they are so sparkly and extra comfy.

Add some fun to the first day of preschool with Sam Edelman Felicia Toddler rainbow glitter flats. Sam Edelman Felicia Toddler rainbow glitter flats are perfect for everyday preschool wear.

The Sam Edelman POLLY Sophia CHUNKY combat boots lace up and have padding for a comfortable fit all day. The chunky glitter make these boots great for every season. While it’s especially warm in Arizona, my daughter is wearing them with skirts and shorts but they will also pair perfectly with her favorite leggings.

Add some sparkle to the first day of school with Sam Edelman POLLY Sophia CHUNKY combat boots.

How to style combat boots for kids


Unlace the top holes of the combat boots and tie lower for an extra trendy edge.

Ribbon laces

Change the shoelaces to ribbons to add some girly flare. 

Shorts & skirts

Wear combat boots with shorts and skirts in warm weather.


Pair combat boots with a frilly dress for a sweet feminine touch.


Wear your favorite combat boots with leggings for a perfect fall look.

Sam Edelman POLLY Sophia CHUNKY combat boots are fun and sparkly!

In our home my daughters generally pick their own clothes and shoes to wear everyday. I don’t ask them to change unless we are going somewhere specific or their outfits are not weather appropriate. For almost an entire year little sister wore her favorite princess rain boots everywhere we went. Then as suddenly as she fell in love with her rain boots, she switched to wearing dinosaur flip flops daily. We also went through a short phase wearing only Zhu Zhu pet hamster slippers. Giving my daughters the ability to choose what they like to wear allows them to express their creativity and make every morning so much smoother. Now if I can just get little sister to agree to wear something other than dinosaur print dresses everyday we’ll be in good shape!

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What are your kids most excited to wear back to school this year?

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Rainbow glitter and combat boots have my daughters excited for back to school shopping.  

20 thoughts on “Back to School Shopping | Rainbow Glitter & Combat Boots”

  1. Those shoes and boots are SO CUTE! I love sparkly things, too, so I am all over those. I wish I had a pair for me 🙂

  2. I love these! I am all about color. My daughter would probably love those boots. These are some fabulous backpacks too.

  3. Oh my gosh those shoes are awesome! I do not have any girls in my household but in a couple years my niece will be going to school in something like this would be fun to give her.

  4. This Combat Boots and Flats are adorable and if my daughter was still here I would get us both a pair of these shoes because they would go with a lot of the outfits we wear on a Day to Day Basis. Although since she isn’t I may purchase them for my nieces for Christmas.

  5. I have to get a pair of these for my nieces. They’re so cute. Perfect for the first day back to school.

  6. It’s always so exciting to shop for back to school stuff! I think the boots and the flats are really awesome! I love their choices and I think they’ll rock that style when school starts!


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