20+ Dinosaur Party Ideas

20+ Dinosaur Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party for my daughters is a favorite annual project for me. Our themed parties have been some of our favorites and always include DIY projects, baked treats, decorations, party shirts and more. This year to celebrate little sister’s third birthday Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs hosted the birthday girl and her friends for the ultimate dinosaur party. I happily set aside my dinosaur party ideas and let Pangaea handle all the details but am sharing the most fun DIY party ideas I collected to help make your home dinosaur party awesome too.

Take a photo with a T Rex at Pangea Land of the Dinosaurs in Scottsdale, Arizona!


Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with this free dinosaur party printable invitation!


Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with these dinosaur party cake ideas!


Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with these dinosaur party decoration ideas!


Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with these dinosaur party food ideas!

Party Attire

Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with these dinosaur party attire ideas!

Fun for Guests

If you’re having a home or park party, consider science activities like sand fossil digs, dino treasure hunts or DIY crafts. Hosting your party at a dinosaur themed venue like Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs is my favorite way to party because they handle everything from start to finish. 

More of our Themed Kids Party Inspiration:

Who are you celebrating with a dinosaur party?

Plan the ultimate dinosaur party with these 20+ dinosaur party ideas!

8 thoughts on “20+ Dinosaur Party Ideas”

  1. Um, I want to have a dinosaur birthday party for me now! haha. The cute snacks are my favorite part, especially the snack mix and the cookies. I think the dinosaur chalk footprints are a really cute touch, too!

  2. I can’t decide which of these ideas that I like the best. One of my little guy’s likes dinosaurs. I will have to keep all of these ideas in mind for him.

  3. I think having a dinosaur party for my 60th would be very appropriate, don’t you?? šŸ™‚ I love these ideas. I love the cookie that has the dinosaur footprint and the dinosaur house shoes. Maybe everyone could come as Pebbles and Bam Bam!

  4. What a fun idea for kids! I remember when my son was little and one year for his birthday we threw a dinasour themed party. I even found a dinasour cake mold and asked my neighbor to decorate it for him. She did a great job. Fun to remember back. xx

  5. We did a Dino themed birthday party for the kids once. It was a hit! What an awesome roundup of Dino themed party ideas. I really love the Jurassic Park cookies recipe. This would definitely be something Iā€™d make for my next party

  6. OMGoodnesss this is so cute! My Jordan loves Dinosaurs and his birthday is June and we had yet to figure out what theme. Well, thanks to your post I’m going to have a dinosaur theme, this is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, what a fun party! My son would enjoy celebrating his 6th birthday with all of these dinosaurs. I can’t wait to start planning even though it’s not until November.

  8. This makes me want to have my own dinosaur themed party HAHA. Anyhow, my nephew is into dinosaurs too so these ideas will come in handy for his upcoming birthday! Thanks for sharing!


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