Polar Bear Ice Skating Party

Our last few birthday parties for my daughter have included animals themes because from a very young age, she has been fascinated by animal science. Like her fifth birthday creepy crawly party and her sixth birthday ocean animals party, this year’s party also had an animal focus. She wanted to celebrate with friends at a polar bear ice skating party. We had so much fun putting the party plan together and sharing her special day with favorite friends and family.

polar bear ice skating party

I created invitations and thank you cards using a free polar bear clip art image and some quick editing on PicMonkey.

polar bear ice skating party printables

Polar bear ice skating party invitations

1) Download the polar bear ice skating party free printable invitation to edit.

2) Use the polar bear ice skating party free printable invitation guide for editing as a reference to update your personal details on the invitation.

3) Use PicMonkey.com to edit your invitation. My exact party invitation used the following fonts:

  • coffee break (child’s age and RSVP line)
  • nexa rust (party location)
  • sketch block (child’s name and party date/time)

4) Save your edited party invitation. Print at home or use printing service for 5″ x 7″ invitations.

Polar bear ice skating party thank you cards

1) Download the polar bear ice skating party free printable thank you cards.

2) Use PicMonkey.com to edit the thank you cards. Use sketch block font to add your child’s name to personalize the thank you cards.

3) Save your edited thank you cards. Print at home or use printing service for 4″ x 6″ notecards.  

Instead of sending party grab bags full of candy and other trinkets, we always use parties as an opportunity to share educational material. The polar bear ice skating party was the perfect time to share information about conservation and a fun bookmark to encourage reading. As the SeaWorld guest kid blogger, my daughter is constantly sharing how we can all make a difference for marine animals. She was so excited to have a party that would get her friends thinking about how to keep polar bears safe too. We also gifted our guests Hallmark Northpole Snowby Polar Bears with Books (affiliate link) and Polar Bear Hats with attached scarves and mittens (affiliate link).

polar bear ice skating party guest swag

We utilized a party room at our local ice rink for a full hour before the children began skating. We ate pizza then had some fun with a polar bear ice skating party game: pin the nose on the polar bear. I used a large paper punch to cut circles of black glitter paper. Each child wrote their own name on the back of a nose before adding a few pieces of double sided tape. Our guests used their polar bear hats to cover their eyes, were spun around three times, and then tried to pin the nose on the polar bear. The Polar Bear – Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup (affiliate link) was perfect for our game!

polar bear ice skating party game

Following the game we sang to my daughter and served cakes and cupcakes. The polar bear cake was made by  Christie, a friend that also made my daughter’s 5th birthday creepy crawly party madagaskar cockroach cake, our Disneyland party and family game room debut cake, my pink and gold baby shower cake, and a few others.

polar bear ice skating party cake

With a larger group and not wanting to exclude parents, I added two dozen polar bear paw cupcakes. While this is not my own idea, they only took a few minutes to recreate without following a tutorial. I purchased unfrosted cupcakes from my local grocery bakery then frosted with white frosting creating a polar bear fur effect. One peppermint patty and several mint chocolate candies made the paw design.

polar bear ice skating party cupcakes

My daughter blew out her candles and couldn’t wait to get her friends on the ice for the rest of the afternoon.

polar bear ice skating party candles

Several hours later and she wasn’t quite ready to go home. Many of her friends were also still skating and enjoying the fun on the ice. Our party encouraging physical activity and teaching children about polar bears was so much fun!

polar bear ice skating party on ice

Happy seventh birthday to my smart, funny, witty, charismatic daughter who still wants to grow up and be a sea lion trainer.

The only thing cuter than my daughter teaching her peers about polar bears is seeing the entire group posed together wearing their polar bear hats. I used the party photo to make thank you cards after the party. Because we had many guests and I am not sure about their parents’ thoughts on an appearance in this post, I’m choosing not to share that photo. Trust me, it’s darling. When you celebrate make sure you preserve your memories with a party group photo!

Do your children enjoy celebrating with themed parties?

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