Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party

Our daughter loves planning her birthday party with me each year. For months she had been talking about turning eight and pondering how she wanted to celebrate. Then she told me she had the perfect plan – she wanted to have a splatter paint party in our backyard to celebrate her eighth birthday with her friends. She had big plans to use chalk paint to decorate our back wall. Lucky for us, we just happen to live about half an hour away from Arizona’s only splatter paint room.  I’ve been to Pinspiration many times for events with friends and knew their Jackson Pollock Splatter Party Package included everything to make my daughter‘s dreams of recklessly throwing messy paint on blank canvases with her friends to celebrate her birthday come true. Their splatter paint room is amazing and my daughter loved celebrating with a glow in the dark splatter paint party.

 Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party Arizona

Pinspiration is a unique studio that provides supplies, tools and inspiration to make arts and crafts. The studio has a coffee bar and an incredible space for parties. Girls nights out, birthdays, holidays and more, Pinspiration is a must see experience. The party room for my daughter’s eighth birthday was set up with balloons, their beautiful chalk art wall, and a special birthday message on a light box. Stations for three different crafts were ready for guests when we arrived.

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party wall

Our party included three different crafts in addition to the Jackson Pollock inspired canvas painting each guest would be taking home with them. The party coach taught my daughter and her guests how to make each craft and then they were able to work on different projects at their own pace.

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party craft instructions

Every guest received a large paper bag with their name to decorate. The first craft is also how the guests will bring home the projects that might not be dry at the end of the party. I’m sure parents appreciated the bags to avoid wet paint projects in the car on the way home! 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party bag craft table

All the projects were great for a wide age range. My daughter was celebrating her eighth birthday but we also had some younger guests like her one year old baby sister and younger cousins who are one and five.

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party bag craft

The ink blot tile project was great for my daughter’s group because it doubled as a fun science experiment. I overheard many conversations discussing how and why the ink formed interesting designs on the tiles. 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party tile craft tablePinspiration splatter paint birthday party tile craft

The ink blot tiles can be displayed on the easels each guest decorated. Washi tape, paint markers and embellishments helped create unique easels.

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party easel craft

The splatter paint room is just as amazing in person as it looks in photos.  

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party messy room

Our little party guests were provided with aprons, booties, shower caps and goggles so they could truly splatter paint all over the room without worrying about it also getting on their clothes, hair and shoes. 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party apron

Each guest painted their own 11 x 14″ canvas to take home. 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party paint room

They also all helped paint a larger canvas for my daughter, the birthday girl. 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party blank canvas

The most magical part of this splatter paint party happened when the lights went out and the children painted their canvases with glow in the dark paint!  

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party glow in the dark paint

Pinspiration is able to handle your party food for your group or for a small fee you are able to bring in your own food. My daughter requested soup and sandwiches from her favorite deli to share with friends. I also ordered a cake from Sugar Lane Bakery. This amazing girl, that happens to share my name (Heather!) so I think she’s ultra fantastic, took our order for a splatter paint cake last minute during the busiest time of year. The cake turned out absolutely beautiful and tasted beyond amazing. She makes pretty cookies and puts together gorgeous dessert tables too so you’re going to want to follow her online and start thinking of a reason to order something asap – maybe just give her more notice than I did! 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party cake

The birthday girl blew out her candles with one big blow and then we all devoured that gorgeous cake.

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party blow out candles

Turning eight is awesome. It’s even more awesome when your dreams come true and you get to celebrate at a Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party with favorite friends. 

Pinspiration splatter paint birthday party canvas

Learn more about Pinspiration by connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The splatter paint room experience makes a great date night too! Gift certificates are super holiday gifts – I’d love to see one in my stocking too! 

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