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Having children and pets in our home makes every decision so much more important. Before we had our two daughters, both my husband and I traveled frequently for work. Each day we left a clean home and came home to a clean home. 10ish years later our home is full of so many daily messes because our family has grown and we are now made up of two children, a dog, two cats, a hedgehog and turtle. The chaos and messes are well worth it but for spring cleaning it’s important we have a nontoxic cleanser we are comfortable using around our kids and pets. Bon Ami is a nontoxic powder cleanser able to clean every surface in your home while feeling confident it is okay to use with your kids and pets nearby.

We use Bon Ami in our home because it's a nontoxic cleanser you can be comfortable using around kids and pets.

We just moved into a new home last fall and are learning the best ways to clean each surface. Having one cleaner that can truly clean it all sounded unbelievable until I received a box full of Bon Ami, the official formula for spring cleaning. Clean made simple and with our busy schedule, it’s my favorite way to make sure we are staying on top of all the household chores without adding any dangerous chemicals to our home or using anything that might scratch surfaces.

Cleaning your kitchen is so much better when you use nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products.

All you need to use Bon Ami is a damp cloth or sponge. There are no harsh chemicals so although it’s hard on the grime, it’s easy on your hands. Gloves are not necessary and the nontoxic formula also means there is no strong odor while cleaning. Living in Arizona spring is starting to welcome those extra warm temps where it’s not okay to leave open windows and doors. When you clean with Bon Ami your home simply smells clean.

Bon Ami powder cleanser is easy to use with a damp cloth or sponge.

Bon Ami can be used on all surfaces including in the kitchen, cookware and bathroom. Simply sprinkle on the Bon Ami powder, add water to make a paste and wipe the surface clean.

Bon Ami powder cleanser can be used on any home surface. We love that Bon Ami powder cleanser is biodegradable and is not adding harm to the environment.

The current conversation about plastics in the ocean has us thinking about every item we bring into our home. Bon Ami is biodegradable and is not stored in a plastic container. Our oldest daughter is sharing everything she has learned about recycling and the importance of “precycling” too. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. Making the conscious effort to only use products not adding harm to our environment is an easy way for us all to make a big difference together.

Do you use nontoxic cleaning products you are comfortable using around your kids and pets in your home too?

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Feel confident cleaning around kids and pets with Bon Ami nontoxic cleanser.

10 thoughts on “Nontoxic Cleanser | Feel Confident Cleaning Around Kids and Pets”

  1. I have pets and kids in my house so I am always looking for a safe cleanser that really works. I like the idea of Bon Ami for the kitchen and bathroom which are the toughest to keep clean. I will get some on my next trip shopping.

  2. I need to pick some of this up next time I’m at the grocery store. I have a little puppy now so I definitely want to use products that are safe for her. My kids also help clean the house so this is what I need to have some peace of mind.

  3. Cleaning with kids and pets around is always a challenge. I struggle to find just the right mix of products that work well for our family. This looks like something that I need to try! I’ve not heard of this product.

  4. I had no idea Bon Ami was non toxic! I would love to try it! I am always looking for high powered cleaners that are safe for the home!

  5. Well I had no idea that Bon Ami was kid and pet friendly! I also love the idea of precycling! I am going to pick some up because I never use anything toxic and I always recycle and love precycling when I can! Thank you for this – I just had no idea!

  6. I am really happy to hear that your daughter is taking an interest and responsibility in caring for the environment. I try to always have reusable bags on me, they are always in the car and come in when I go shopping. I love products that aren’t harsh chemicals, they work very well without much effort, and good for the environment,

  7. My husband and I live with two dogs and three kitty cats at our house. Cleaning with non-toxic chemicals is a must. I make my own blend with water, white vinegar, and essential oils. It works really well and the house smells so good when I’m finished. xx

  8. We make a lot of our own cleaning supplies because of all the toxic things out there. It is just safer for our children and pets. I would use something if I knew for sure it was safe. Thank you for your testimonial about the product. It sets my mind at ease

  9. We like using all-natural products with safe and honest ingredients at home. In this way, we can be less worrisome about the effects the cleansers will have in the environment and if ever it gets in touch with kids or pets. The product may be more expensive than other leading commercial brands but it will be worth it.

  10. I haft to give this cleanser a try. It’s good to know it’s non-toxic. I use regular Comet, which is made with bleach. I’ll be sure to recommend this cleanser as well. Thank you so much for the valuable information.


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