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Cozy Slippers for Kids

Thanks to, my daughters have a healthy obsession with Michael Kors shoes. In my shoe loving defense though, they are affordable and the best quality shoes in their closets. And I just can’t stop talking about how much I love having my daughters wear matching shoes. With a solid six years between them in age, matching clothes and shoes aren’t easily found. This holiday season my daughters were gifted matching Michael Kors Margot Comfy Slippers and I have been eating up every sweet photo opportunity when they are snuggling on the couch watching favorite movies together this season.

Truly, could this be any sweeter?!

The faux fur lining makes these slippers ultra cozy and comfy. They also have a rubber blend bottom so they have made it to pajama days at school and our nightly neighborhood walk to see holiday lights on our street.

Cozy slippers for kids make a great holiday gift and at there is always free shipping on purchases over $50 with returns accepted within 30 days of the purchase. 

Holiday movies, hot chocolate, snuggling on the couch and cozy slippers sound nice for the next couple of weeks.

We live in Arizona where it’s rarely cold so I’ll be here savoring every sweet morning we wake up and want to wear slippers before rushing out the door to school and work. Do your children love slippers during the holiday season too?

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Cozy slippers for kids like these Michael Kor slippers from make a great holiday gift.

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  1. If it’s one thing during the cold weather my kids love, it’s their slippers. I think I might need to check the condition of theirs, because I really love these slippers!


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