Polar bear gifts for kids

With a seven year old daughter obsessed with learning everything she can about marine animals, I’m frequently searching for fun gifts for her. We celebrated her last birthday with a polar bear ice skating party and I spent quite a bit of time online for party inspiration. I’m sharing some of  my favorite polar bear gifts for kids perfect for birthdays, holidays and even Easter basket gift ideas.

polar bear gifts for kids

Polar bear gifts for kids

Some of these products were featured at my daughter’s last birthday party. Our polar bear ice skating party was full of activities, treats, and take homes for our guests.

polar bear ice skating party feature

Today is International Polar Bear Day and we are celebrating with treats and a craft. Add some fun to your day with polar bear cookies and a polar bear kids craft too.

polar bear cookies image

polar bear classroom craft

Currently polar bears are listed as endangered and we can all do our part to make a difference and help protect the bears in their natural environment: The Arctic. My seven year old daughter interviewed a SeaWorld San Diego polar bear keeper and learned a lot about the beautiful bears. She recently shared “my interview with a polar bear keeper” on the Inside SeaWorld blog. She included a list of her favorite facts learned from the interview including how we can all make participate in making an effort to minimize the negative impact we have on The Arctic.

We can all help the polar bears in the Arctic by doing just some easy stuff.
Tiffany said we could do these things:
• Ride to school with friends so you don’t all drive your own cars. Ride your bike if your school is by your house.
• Don’t leave your devices plugged in. Unplug other stuff too if you aren’t using it.
• Recycle trash and try to reuse things. I decorate boxes from food like cereal to hold my art supplies in my bedroom.
• Turn lights off when you walk out of a room.

 Do you have a child intent on learning everything about polar bears too?