Minivans are Cool

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Minivans are Cool

Yes, I’m using “cool” like I’m that cool mom. Before considering owning a minivan, my only experience with one was the vehicle my parents carted us around in to our after school activities. After our first daughter was born we laughed at the idea of driving a minivan because I wasn’t ready to surrender all my coolness and join “that club” quite yet. But here we are, another kid and nine years later, driving a minivan like it’s the coolest set of wheels in town. We love our minivan and all the perks that comes with driving it – excellent gas mileage, all the USB charging stations and a comfortable ride for the kids. While all the other parents are laughing as they drive away in their giant SUVs with no leg room, we’re over here happily singing along to my SiriusXM radio that may or may not be tuned in to the Kidz Bop channel.

Purchasing a minivan was the best car decision we've ever made for our family. Minivans are cool!

Prior to owning our Kia Sedona, I drove a Mercedes SUV. It was a very loved SUV and I honestly had no reason to consider driving something else. Then we spent a week in a Kia Sedona rental and decided it was time to wave goodbye to our favorite SUV. According to the Best and Worst Gas Mileage 2018, minivans over our SUV look pretty good. 

My last day with my Mercedes SUV was sad but I'm excited I said hello to a new minivan. Minivans are cool too.

Your children will love it

To this day, our oldest daughter says she wants to drive our minivan when she turns 16. We have 7 years to go before that big milestone and I’m sure she’ll change her mind but for now, she loves our van. The first time we road tripped in the new minivan, our youngest daughter was only 1 year old and amazed by the sun roof. 

You’ll love it too

Get past the annoying comments on your personal Facebook page when you tell your friends you’re driving a minivan. Embrace it. Your parents did and you should too. 

Minivans are cool. Minivans on a beach vacation are even cooler.

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Minivans are cool. Embrace it. Your parents did and you should too.

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