Following Featherbottom personalized childrens book


Having a preschool aged daughter and being a pre-k teacher means we have a large collection of children's books in our home. My daughter is just starting to read and I love seeing her discover new favorites. We recently received a personalized childrens book from MarbleSpark that goes on a journey around the world to find all the letters of her name. Following Featherbottom features Felix Featherbottom and his friend Pierre Du Pond traveling all over the globe in search of Read More... {Read More...}

Disney frozen characters (how to make ice toys)

fun with Disney frozen characters

With so many Disney character toys at home there's always a new way to play. Sometimes my daughter plays with the characters in her doll house and other times they are an audience for story time. This week we added a new fun way to play with her favorite character figurines. We made Disney frozen character ice toys and played with them outside in a small plastic pool. My daughter had so much fun pretending the characters were part of a Disney on Ice show. Disney frozen characters ice toys Read More... {Read More...}

Classroom fun with The Happy’s interactive pets


Already loving Zhu Zhu Pets I was excited when I learned about The Happy's, the new interactive pets from the same toy manufacturer. My pre-k classroom full of four and five year olds were the perfect audience to try out the new toys. We spent hours this week playing and learning with our new classroom pets, The Happy's. Playing with the puppy and kitten along with their chase ball and treats was a very exciting experience and provided great learning opportunities. We received Read More... {Read More...}

Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego

Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego

We have had many great visits full of learning opportunities at SeaWorld® San Diego. Recently we were invited to learn about conservation in a series of animal interactions. Learning about sharks and cleaner fish at SeaWorld San Diego was a great experience.  Sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean. They can inhabit nearly all bodies of water and are adapted for a wide range of aquatic environments. Different types of sharks can live in shallow coastal waters, Read More... {Read More...}

Learning Workshops for Early Childhood Educators at the Arizona Science Center

Learning workshops for Early Childhood Educators at the Arizona Science Center

We visit the Arizona Science Center frequently but I just recently learned about their free workshops for early childhood educators. The monthly workshop classes fill quickly because of the great learning opportunity for teachers and educators. The unique experiences provide the opportunity for educators to play with new materials and learn how to introduce them in the classroom. Discussions are centered around how children develop scientific thinking through engineering play and Read More... {Read More...}

Math manipulative classroom fun with Disney FROZEN (constructing Elsa’s ice castle)

FROZEN classroom fun, build Elsa's ice castle

We use math manipulatives for learning in my preschool classroom everyday and I'm always amazed by the children's creativity. I was recently given a large bag full of empty 35mm film cases and have had them accessible to the children to use in the classroom. With no instruction from the teachers, the children started constructing with the film cases. Listening to their conversations made it clear what they were building. They were making Elsa's ice castle. With almost 40 Disney FROZEN loving Read More... {Read More...}