Teach your child about vaccinations


When I noticed my daughter playing with her dolls and a doctor kit recently I wondered what she was doing. As I listened to her imaginative play, I overheard her telling the dolls they all needed their shots to go to kindergarten. My daughter is going to kindergarten in just a couple of weeks so back to school vaccinations have been a hot topic in our house. She knows about vaccinations and why she needs them to stay healthy but she doesn't know about all the children without access to a Read More... {Read More...}

DIY FROZEN shirt kids craft


This summer my daughter has watched FROZEN well over a hundred times at home. While the DVD is getting played a lot in our home, the fun doesn't stop there. My daughter loves twirling around pretending to be Anna or Elsa, playing with homemade Olaf play dough, and singing her favorite songs from the movie. With a few upcoming visits to Disneyland planned, we had some fun making a DIY FROZEN shirt kids craft this week. My daughter is very proud of the shirt she made and is very excited to wear it Read More... {Read More...}

Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego, gourmet dining while learning about killer whales


With a love for animals and spending time at SeaWorld, our family recently enjoyed a gourmet meal while learning about killer whales at Dine with Shamu® in SeaWorld San Diego. The  experience was another great educational opportunity for my daughter to learn about the killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego. Dine with Shamu SeaWorld San Diego is an excellent way to observe killer whales and learn about how they interact. With many different seating options, you Read More... {Read More...}

Disney Cruise Line shore excursion – Atlantis Sea Lion Interaction in Nassau, Bahamas


A few years ago our family went on our very first Disney Cruise. We are huge fans of Disney theme parks and although we had been on many different cruises, we knew the first time my daughter experienced the Disney Cruise Line would be magical. Already knowing Disneyland cast members add to the magic with kindness, we fully expected an amazing week. Princesses, our favorite characters, and a fun cruise itererary had us excited the entire year before the cruise set sail in January 2012. Read More... {Read More...}

Celebrating our extraordinary children


When I first learned my daughter was a girl while I was pregnant, I imagined pink bows, princess dresses, and dance recitals. I had no idea six years later I would be mommy to a pretty little girl with a great early interest in bugs and other insects. Now, at five years old, that early interest has evolved into a deep love of science and for all animals. She is compassionate and turns every encounter with an animal or bug into a learning opportunity. I am so honored to say my daughter is Read More... {Read More...}

California family fun: Dana Point whale watching


My family attended the Dana Point Festival of Whales 2014 in an effort to learn more about marine animals in their natural environment. My daughter is absolutely fascinated by the ocean and animals. She is so eager to learn and the festival was a great opportunity to teach her beyond our frequent visits to SeaWorld. She has seen and interacted with killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego but this was her first experience seeing whales in their natural environement. While visiting Read More... {Read More...}