Shark Week Snack Mix

Shark Week Snack Mix

It’s almost time for Shark Week and we will be tuning in to the Discovery Channel for all the shark fun. This year we’re replacing the popcorn with this Shark Week Snack Mix!

Make this easy shark week snack mix with chocolate shark fins and shark teeth!

Shark Snack Mix recipe


  • Chex cereal
  • blue Sixlets candy
  • Gummy Lifesaver candies
  • white chocolate bar
  • white chocolate melts
  • black food coloring

First you need to make the chocolate shark dorsal fins and chocolate shark teeth.

Chocolate shark dorsal fins and shark teeth are easy to make for your shark week snack mix.

How to make chocolate shark fins


  • white chocolate melting chips
  • black food coloring

Melt white chocolate melts with black food coloring to make chocolate shark fins.

Melt chips and mix with black food coloring. Pour melted chocolate into a pastry bag or plastic baggie. If using a plastic bag simply cut corner tip off for easy piping.

Use a pastry bag or plastic baggie with the corner cut off to pipe your chocolate shark fins onto a cookie sheet.

Squeeze chocolate into triangles on baking sheet lined with freezer paper. Refrigerate.

Make chocolate shark fins for a fun shark week snack!

How to make chocolate shark teeth

Chop white chocolate bar into small triangles.

Mix Chex cereal, Sixlets, Lifesavers, chocolate shark fins and chocolate shark teeth in large bowl.

Serve shark snack mix and go watch your favorite show during Shark Week!

Serve shark week snack mix with chocolate shark fins for a fun shark week snack!

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Will you be sharing shark snack mix with your family during Shark Week?

Shark snack mix is a perfect treat for Shark Week!

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  1. I need to look up when Shark week is to add to our Homeschooling calendar as I know my son would love learning about Sharks and watching videos is perfect for him. Now I can make him a fun and unique snack I know he will love. So I would like to thank you for creating this new snack for our family.


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