Summer Fun | Frozen Toy Ice Cups

Frozen Toy Ice Cups

Our summer temperatures are continuing to rise making it truly unbearable to play outside. Yesterday in Phoenix we tied the record high heat on that day with 116°. My youngest daughter is three years old and wants to play outside all day. This week it’s even too warm for pool days so we are getting creative to enjoy the final days of summer before school starts. We’re having some fun playing with frozen toy ice cups that you can freeze over and over.  

Favorite character toys are so much fun to play with when you make frozen toy ice cups.

How to make frozen toy ice cups


  • mini muffin tin
  • water
  • your favorite character toys 

Frozen toy ice cups are easy to make with a muffin tin.

Fill muffin tin with water and add characters. Put tin in freezer for at least four hours. We left our characters in the freezer overnight before taking them out to play. Remove frozen toy ice cups and play with them on a flat surface. We used a plastic pool and added a small amount of water to make the bottom extra slippery for our ice toys. 

Make these frozen toy ice cups for summer fun.

Play with the Disney frozen characters until they melt and then freeze them again for more fun! 

My oldest daughter enjoyed playing in our yard under a shade tree with the frozen toy ice cups a few years ago during a summer heat wave too.

Frozen toy ice cups are fun to play with in a small plastic pool.

The frozen toy ice cups would make a great science project and addition to a preschool classroom sensory tub.

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What are you doing to beat the summer heat?

Make frozen toy ice cups with small character toys and a muffin tin for summer fun.

7 thoughts on “Summer Fun | Frozen Toy Ice Cups”

  1. We have a bunch of the Disney princess miniature dolls. We call them “littles” and they would be perfect frozen! You know, the ones that use to have the rubber clothes but now they are hard plastic and clip on like clothespins. We actually have Anna and Elsa, too. But I think Olaf is my favorite of all the ones pictured in your post.

    • I know exactly what you are talking about because we have a lot of those too. Olaf is so cute in ice but I love how Anna and Elsa look too!


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