Fall Tree Kids Craft

fall tree kids craft feature

This project was originally shared 2/26/12. Although we live in Arizona and don't get much of a fall season, it's my favorite time of year because kids can finally comfortably play outside and personally drinking warm coffee in a seasonal cup doesn't feel so silly. Fall to me says cute boots, cinnamon pinecones, and plenty of kids crafts. Sure, we could also be sipping cold lemonade while wearing flip flops because our warm temperatures don't quite drop low enough to actually warrant wearing Read More... {Read More...}

Painting the Princess Themed Bedroom

When I decided to tackle the project of moving all the Nemo decor from my daughter's bedroom to her bathroom I was disappointed knowing I would have to paint over the pretty ocean walls in her room.  Prior to the decor change, two of the walls in the bedroom were painted to look like waves.  I wasn't ready to part with the idea completely so I painted that same wall in a different shade of blue in her bathroom.  I love her new Nemo themed bathroom!  I decided to keep the blue walls in her Read More... {Read More...}

Bathroom Makeover: Nemo

My daughter has a really cute Nemo themed bedroom and Disney Princess themed bathroom.  She loved her bedroom for a couple of years but now wants princesses to match her new bed.  I decided it would be an easy and inexpensive project to move all the Nemo decor to her bathroom and bring all the princess decals from the bathroom over to her bedroom.  Of course I couldn't start that project with out completely painting both rooms.  Yesterday I started the transition by painting the bathroom.Her Read More... {Read More...}

Office Makeover Part 1: Paint and Concrete Floor

Last week I started the biggest piece of my office makeover plans.  By Sunday evening I was completely finished and all the furniture had been put back into my office.  I'm so happy with my new yellow walls and concrete floor!I had been dreaming of a concrete floor in my office for a couple of years but I really didn't plan to start the project last week.  Wednesday I made an impulsive decision to rip up a piece of the carpet in the corner behind the door because I wanted to determine if there Read More... {Read More...}

Outdoor Playhouse Makeover featuring Royal Design Studio Stencil

Attending the SNAP conference earlier this year was an amazing experience.  I knew well in advance I would be attending the workshop "Get Your Stencil On!" presented by Royal Design Studio.  Their stencils are absolutely amazing and I've seen so many gorgeous projects from talented bloggers.  Prior to SNAP I was extremely intimidated by the idea of stenciling anything in my home.  I had a horrible experience previously and I vowed to either 1) never stencil again, or 2) learn how to do it Read More... {Read More...}

Kids Crafting Tip: Avoiding a Mess While Painting

Yesterday I shared how much fun my daughter has painting.  Today I'll tell you how I avoid a huge mess when she is creating. When working on small surfaces like canvas or paper I allow my daughter to paint at our kitchen table.  This could easily end in disaster if I don't take the time to completely cover the table.  My absolute best tip is to use washable paint if you are anywhere near anything of importance.  I've learned from experience.This morning my daughter was painting with potato Read More... {Read More...}