Painting the Princess Themed Bedroom

When I decided to tackle the project of moving all the Nemo decor from my daughter’s bedroom to her bathroom I was disappointed knowing I would have to paint over the pretty ocean walls in her room.  Prior to the decor change, two of the walls in the bedroom were painted to look like waves.  I wasn’t ready to part with the idea completely so I painted that same wall in a different shade of blue in her bathroom.  I love her new Nemo themed bathroom!  I decided to keep the blue walls in her bedroom instead of changing the color.  By adding a couple of pink walls I had the perfect backdrop for her new princess bedroom!

picture taken in corner of room where two walls meet

Painting the top of the water walls went quickly.  Luckily I had just enough leftover paint to finish the two walls.

At one point in my daughter’s Nemo themed bedroom I added a fun wallpaper landscape to the room. 

Removing the wallpaper left the wall in bad shape.  

Before painting I cleaned the wall and then lightly sanded to remove any leftover paste.

My three year old daughter helped paint the last two walls pink.  I’m hoping she will love her room enough to sleep in it willingly because she helped paint! 

Nothing fancy but I love the color combination and am excited to show you what we did to continue with the princess transformation!

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