How to decorate with washable slime

This week we decorated our courtyard for a Slimer party. The washable slime decoration was also perfect for Halloween! Now we have a slimed entrance ready for trick or treaters! It’s easy to decorate with washable slime and just as easy to clean up. The “slime” is actually just washable sidewalk chalk paint.

How to decorate with washable slime

How to decorate with washable slime


washable slime supplies

Mix the chalk and water according to the package directions.

washable slime mix

Making a mess is part of the fun so don’t worry about spills.

Mixed washable slime

My daughter used a paintbrush to splatter the paint all over our courtyard.

decorating house with washable slime

how to use washable slime

The non-toxic washable sidewalk chalk paint is not advertised as glow in the dark but when the sun went down, our courtyard was glowing with green slime!

Slimer Party Slimed Walls Night

We love messy fun and frequently get creative coloring the block wall in our backyard with this same paint. Baby sister loves getting messy and creating masterpieces! 

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Enjoy getting your front porch ready for trick or treaters with washable slime!

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