Bathroom Makeover: Nemo

My daughter has a really cute Nemo themed bedroom and Disney Princess themed bathroom.  She loved her bedroom for a couple of years but now wants princesses to match her new bed.  I decided it would be an easy and inexpensive project to move all the Nemo decor to her bathroom and bring all the princess decals from the bathroom over to her bedroom.  Of course I couldn’t start that project with out completely painting both rooms.  Yesterday I started the transition by painting the bathroom.

Her bedroom had a fun water wall full of Nemo and other ocean decals.  I wasn’t ready to give up that wall so I decided to paint something similar in the bathroom.

My daughter’s Nemo themed bedroom before the addition of a princess bed

The bathroom was not painted and only decorated with decals, a shower curtain, and a few princess accessories.

To recreate the water wall, I used painters tape to make a wave pattern near the top of the wall.  We have really high ceilings and I didn’t want to paint above the shower or have to use a ladder so the “water” stops at the highest point of the shower.

I was at Lowe’s a couple of weeks ago shopping for supplies to refinish my concrete floor in my office and came across a can of blue paint on the oops shelf.  It was perfect for this bathroom makeover and was marked down from $33.98 to only $5.00!  I painted two coats and waited a few hours before pulling off the tape.   

My daughter was very excited to get to help move the wall decals from her bedroom to the new water wall in the bathroom.  She’s even more excited because she knows we are one step closer to painting her new princess bedroom!

I carefully removed the vinyl letters I made for her bedroom and moved them into the bathroom.

I’ll show you the entire bathroom when the new shower curtain project is finished.

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