Easter Carrot Cookies

Have fun getting ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny with these easy Easter Carrot Cookies! This post was originally published 3/27/14. Cute and quick seems to be the trend in my home for holiday themed desserts and treats. I simply don't have the time to spend hours in the kitchen working on pretty creations but with a seven year old daughter that loves sharing with friends, family, and neighbors making holiday treats is necessary. Our Easter carrot cookies are the perfect treat to make Read More... {Read More...}

Plan the perfect egg hunt

This post was inspired by Collective Bias, Inc. #EasterSweets content but is not sponsored. As the Campaign Manager I love the inspiration for the perfect egg hunt! All opinions are mine alone. #client With so many different ways to fill a plastic Easter egg, the task to plan the perfect egg hunt can be overwhelming. Three focal points is a great way to start - candy, money, and toys. I don't have memories of many childhood Easter egg hunts; but I do remember a few years of my parents filling Read More... {Read More...}

Hockey Easter Basket

I'm mom to a seven year old child with so many unique interests. She loves school, science experiments and marine animals. She loves to swim, rollerblade and do cartwheels in the grass. She loves princesses, pink nail polish and twirly skirts. She also loves learning how to be a fierce hockey player. A hockey Easter basket with a pink helmet and practice equipment is the perfect delivery from the Easter bunny this year. Using a hockey helmet as a basket is genius for your hockey Read More... {Read More...}

Easter Egg Salad – a project for your colored Easter eggs {cooking with kids}

We dyed eggs too early this year and consequently I've had almost 1,000 egg hunts in our backyard with my daughter.  I'm exaggerating but it feels like we have had hourly egg hunts for the past 5 days.  Today I convinced her to give up the eggs for a fun cooking project.  She only agreed to hand over the eggs because I asked for her help in the kitchen. We took her pretty eggs and turned them into lunch. Our lunch project started with her peeling the eggs. Read More... {Read More...}