Plan the perfect egg hunt

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With so many different ways to fill a plastic Easter egg, the task to plan the perfect egg hunt can be overwhelming. Three focal points is a great way to start – candy, money, and toys. I don’t have memories of many childhood Easter egg hunts; but I do remember a few years of my parents filling plastic eggs with money. Finding the $5 egg was a BIG deal and definitely a reason to spend more time than my brothers searching every corner of our yard. Fill plastic eggs with candy, money, and toys and you are well on your way to the perfect egg hunt.


Plan the perfect egg hunt

1) Candy

Candy to fill plastic eggs can be tricky. Will it fit in the egg? Will it melt? How much should I fill?

Answer all these questions by simply filling your plastic eggs with new M&M’s® Easter Tri Packs. They come with 40 individual wrapped packages of pretty M&M’s® plain pastels that fit perfectly in plastic eggs!


2) Money 

Fill your plastic eggs with money varying from quarters to dollar bills!


3) Toys

Age appropriate toys are always popular at an egg hunt. My seven year old daughter currently spends quite a bit of time in her room crafting for and playing with her Shopkins. This year the Easter Bunny might just bring her a Shopkins Collectors Case so she will have a place to put all of her Shopkins found during the perfect egg hunt.


Start planning the perfect egg hunt by picking up the new M&M’s® Easter Tri Packs to fill the plastic eggs. If you don’t have plans to shop at your local Walmart this week, you can order online with expedited shipping to guarantee they’ll be here in time for your egg hunt.


Here’s to many baskets full of filled plastic eggs Easter morning!


How will you fill your plastic eggs for the perfect egg hunt this year?

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