Easter Egg Salad – a project for your colored Easter eggs {cooking with kids}

We dyed eggs too early this year and consequently I’ve had almost 1,000 egg hunts in our backyard with my daughter.  I’m exaggerating but it feels like we have had hourly egg hunts for the past 5 days.  Today I convinced her to give up the eggs for a fun cooking project.  She only agreed to hand over the eggs because I asked for her help in the kitchen.

Brie Brie Blooms, Easter Egg Salad #eggsalad (4)We took her pretty eggs and turned them into lunch.

Brie Brie Blooms, Easter Egg Salad #eggsalad (3)Our lunch project started with her peeling the eggs.  This turned into a great time consuming activity.

Brie Brie Blooms, Easter Egg Salad #eggsalad (2)After each egg was peeled my daughter helped me wash them.  Then she smashed the peeled eggs into small pieces.  She was very excited to see the bowl getting full of egg pieces.

Brie Brie Blooms, Easter Egg Salad #eggsalad (5)I added a small amount of Miracle Whip to the egg pieces to make egg salad.  My daughter was amazed to see her dyed eggs turn into our lunch.  You could make a plain sandwich but I have found that my daughter is much more willing to try something new if I turn it into a fun shape.  I used a rabbit cookie cutter from the Wilton Animal Pals 50 Piece Cookie Cutter Set to make a bunny sandwich.  

Brie Brie Blooms, Easter Egg Salad #eggsalad

My daughter loved the egg salad sandwich but I’m not sure she will eat it again unless the process starts with colored Easter eggs.

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