Hockey Easter Basket

Hockey Easter Basket

Our oldest daughter has so many unique interests and hobbies. Before she fell in love with youth competitive rock climbing, she played hockey and really enjoyed the sport. She was introduced to the game early because her dad is a huge New York Rangers fan and taught her how to skate shortly after learning to walk. Although she’s no longer playing on a team, she does still enjoy going to the rink with her dad in their favorite jerseys. A hockey Easter basket with a pink helmet and practice equipment is the perfect delivery from the Easter bunny. We’re ditching the basket and delivering treats in a pink hockey helmet instead. Genius!

Give the ultimate hockey Easter basket complete with bunny and hockey stick pencils to your little hockey player!

Weekly practice and power skate classes were new to our family but quickly became part of our weekly routine while our oldest daughter was playing hockey. Her pink helmet, pink laces and pink stick remind me she is still my little girl that loves frilly things like her mommy; even if she wants to be a hockey player like her dad.

Fill an Easter basket in a hockey helmet for the ultimate hockey Easter basket!

Fill the Hockey Easter Basket

Hockey Equipment

Each hockey player is unique and has their favorite colors, equipment, and needs. Create the ultimate hockey Easter basket with supplies your child will actually use – pucks, tape, laces, etc.

A pink hockey helmet and some equipment make a great hockey Easter basket!

Hockey Stick Pencils

Even tough little hockey players need a bunny in their basket! Pair up a Ty Beanie Boo Twinkle Toes Bunny with some Hockey Stick Pencils

Hockey Stick Pencils and a bunny plush add to the fun in a hockey Easter basket.

Water Bottle

If you’ve seen hockey practice you know all the water bottles look the same from the ice. Players are skating hard, thirsty, and sometimes have just seconds to break for water. Inchbug Orbit labels are a great way to help your child identify his or her water bottle. The labels are customizable and you can choose to personalize with your child’s name, nickname, or even their jersey number.

Add a water bottle and personalization bands to your hockey Easter basket.


Plastic grass, favorite chocolates, jellybeans and a chocolate bunny complete your hockey Easter basket. 

Fill a hockey helmet with treats for the ultimate hockey Easter basket!

You could include additional items to make the basket more personal like a favorite player jersey, new stick, or game tickets.

What will you add to your hockey Easter basket?

8 thoughts on “Hockey Easter Basket”

  1. Oh, I love these suggestions for a basket. We have a niece that has been playing hockey for a few years, and she would love this. Nice variety too. I love to see and hear about more girls playing the sport, it’s really cool.

  2. Oh my gosh, those hockey stick pencils are so cute! This is a really fun way to combine her “girly” and “sporty” interests in one gift. I don’t have kids but I always like seeing ideas for creative Easter baskets.

  3. This is a great Easter basket for a hockey lover! I love giving Easter baskets that are both personalized and provide them with useful things that they can you daily! This is a great combination of both

  4. We do not play hockey but this gives me the idea of making a basket for other sports. So simple yet so beautiful and practical. That is what I like the most, that the presents are something the kids can really use for their sport later on and not that much candy.

  5. Awww .. how adorable is she in her pink helmet, laces and stick. I bet she’s a formitable foe on the ice! This is the cutest idea for a gift. Not only are there things that are practical, but a few splurges as well. x

  6. This is such a cute idea,I love it. This is so perfect for a sports fan and way better than the standard Easter option. I am all about giving things the encourage kids to do what they enjoy most. This is the perfect idea and I may do this with Tennis for my nephew, so cool!


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