Following Featherbottom personalized childrens book


Having a preschool aged daughter and being a pre-k teacher means we have a large collection of children's books in our home. My daughter is just starting to read and I love seeing her discover new favorites. We recently received a personalized childrens book from MarbleSpark that goes on a journey around the world to find all the letters of her name. Following Featherbottom features Felix Featherbottom and his friend Pierre Du Pond traveling all over the globe in search of Read More... {Read More...}

Little Green safe, gentle, and pure products for babies and kids {giveaway ends 4/11}


Growing up with sensitive skin I know how challenging it can be to find the right bath products. I am very light complected and just a touch turns me bright red. Luckily my daughter does not have that same sensitivity but we have been searching for a kid friendly moisturizing shampoo after the winter left her with a dry scalp. When Little Green reached out to me online, I was looking forward to trying the safe, gentle, and pure products formulated for sensitive skin. All the products Read More... {Read More...}

Fitness fun at Great Play of Chandler (Arizona)

Fitness fun at Great Play Arizona

I'm always seeking new ways to get my daughter to enjoy physical fitness. We've tried many different organized sports from soccer to swimming and currently attend weekly gymnastics classes. Finding the right facility and classes has been challenging. I want my daughter to enjoy the activities but as the parent paying for enrollment, I also want to make sure she is getting more than just an hour of fun each week. Recently Great Play of Chandler invited my daughter to visit their unique Read More... {Read More...}