School Safety | Lightweight Bulletproof Backpack Insert

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Lightweight Bulletproof Backpack Insert

Do I want to be talking about why parents of school aged children wonder everyday if their children are safe in their learning environments? No but I am because I’m a parent of school aged children and it’s important. Everyday we hear more about the controversial topic of gun control. We hear more about the call for armed guards on elementary, middle and high school campuses. We hear more about general school safety. And everyday we hear more about violence in schools and what we all could have done differently. With so many beliefs and opinions its easy to get lost in the swirling politics but that is not this conversation. I’m just a mom that sends my children to school everyday with the harsh reality of what we see and hear in the news and tragedies deeply impacting our views on school safety. The 11″ x 14″ lightweight bulletproof backpack insert from Bulletproof Zone weighs 20 ounces and has 24 layers of material for tempered protection. The ballistic shield offers the highest level of protection currently available as lightweight concealable body armor and while some might argue it doesn’t keep your kid in that giant bubble we all wish we had, it certainly adds a little peace of mind when sending your children out of your care everyday.

A lightweight bulletproof backpack insert is easy to add to your child's school bag.

School supplies this year were similar to years before. Notebooks, folders, pencils, art supplies, a ruler and the basic classroom essentials with the fourth grade addition of a compass and protractor were all purchased before school started. Bulletproof backpacks have been a hot topic this year and while I wasn’t sure about a pricey investment of a heavy bag my daughter would likely not deem trendy enough to use, a lightweight bulletproof backpack insert was more appropriate for our family. The insert can easily be moved to different bags and is something we can also use while traveling or during day excursions. The TuffyPacks insert we received from Bulletproof Zone is fully concealed and not noticeable in a closed backpack.

Add a lightweight bulletproof backpack insert to your school supply list.

Lightweight Twaron in TuffyPacks also protects against stabbing and piercing essentially turning your backpack into a shield.

Lightweight bulletproof backpack inserts weigh 20 ounces and are fully concealed in your child's backpack.

Lightweight bulletproof backpack inserts are superhero shields we hope our child never needs to use at school.

The bulletproof backpack insert is as thin as a one subject notebook and doesn’t take away from the space in your child’s backpack. It can also easily fit in messenger bags or briefcases.

Lightweight bulletproof backpack insert are as thin as a notebook.

How to add bulletproof insert to your child’s backpack

Unzip the backpack, place the bulletproof insert in the backpack with the label facing away from the side of the bag that will touch your child’s body. Fill bag with everyday school supplies and use as normal.

Lightweight bulletproof backpack inserts easily fit in your child's school bag for everyday use. Your child won't even notice the lightweight bulletproof backpack insert in their school bag.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available, Bulletproof Zone can easily turn your child’s favorite backpack into a bulletproof bag for school safety.

Bulletproof backpack insert discount

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Have you considered adding a bulletproof backpack insert to your child’s school bag?

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Using a lightweight bulletproof backpack insert in your child's backpack is on our list of school safety tips for parents.

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  1. This is a sign of the age and times we live in. I am not ready to admit our schools are not safe but it might be a good compromise to be prepared with out being too alarmist.

  2. It’s heartbreaking that we have to think this way as parents, but so glad there are companies coming up with ideas like this to protect our kids.


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