Laundry Room Safety

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Laundry Room Safety

Like all children, both my daughters are very inquisitive and curious. They are good kids with many after school activities and are involved in team sports. They listen to instructions and can articulate exactly what you have requested of them. However, if there is a boundary, they’ve already pushed it.

More times than not, the most inappropriate behaviors happen only after we have suggested otherwise. Simply asking your child to be careful is not enough when it comes to laundry safety and the proper usage, handling, and storage of liquid laundry packets. The American Cleaning Institute is helping to educate parents and caregivers to avoid exposing children to liquid laundry packets. Because it’s not enough to simply know the potential risks, American Cleaning Institute has worked with public safety officials and consumer groups to put in place a series of packaging and labeling measures as part of a new standard. This new standard can help reduce accidental exposures to liquid laundry packets.

My girls are three and nine years old so there are many times when they are helping with chores together. Our youngest daughter follows her big sister around and wants to do all the “big girl” things like her. At just nine years old, we are constantly reminding her of the necessary precautions with household hazards like laundry packets, so she can only demonstrate the best and most safe behavior for her little sister. The reminder label is now in our laundry room too so it’s the first thing we all see when we are doing laundry.

The American Cleaning Institute worked with public safety officials to put in place a series of packaging and labeling measures as part of a new standard to help reduce accidental exposures to liquid laundry packets.

As parents, we know accidents can happen in an instant. The only safe handling of laundry packets can be done by adults. They should always be stored out of children’s reach. For us, that means they must be placed in a high and closed cabinet. If it’s visible, our youngest daughter will certainly find it regardless of the many warnings we’ve shared. She’s three and at this age everything is new and exciting.

The only safe handling of laundry packets is done by adults.

There are plenty of opportunities for our youngest to help with laundry but we have strict limitations. She is never left unattended in the laundry room and feels like a big helper when she loads her laundry in to the washing machine. This is where her chore list stops because we don’t want to empower her to feel confident adding laundry packets herself – we do this step after she has left the laundry room.

Little helpers in the laundry room is adorable but there are obvious hazards that need to be addressed.

What to do if your child experiences an unintended exposure to the contents of a laundry packet

Call Poison Control (1-800-222-1222) if your child chews, swallows, or gets liquid laundry packet contents in the eyes.

To learn more about laundry packet safety, visit and watch the Through Their Eyes video to understand how to keep toddlers safe by seeing the world from their perspective. Follow the conversation and get laundry room safety tips with “#PacketsUp” on Facebook and Twitter.

Keeping our children involved in household chores safely is a priority in our home. But I have to stop and remember my little helpers are exactly that, little. There are some things small children shouldn’t help with quite yet.

She's such a big helper to everything but laundry room safety is a priority.

What do you do to keep your laundry room safe for your children?

The American Cleaning Institute is helping to educate parents and caregivers to avoid exposing children to liquid laundry packets. You can learn more and follow this important conversation with #PacketsUp.

6 thoughts on “Laundry Room Safety”

  1. It’s great that you involve your younger daughter and give her chores while still keeping her well-being in mind. I don’t have kids but I have a nephew or niece on the way so I have been thinking a lot about baby-proofing my house!

  2. What a great reminder! Our laundry room is in our basement and so I am the only one who uses it, right now. I’d love to get my kids to start with their own, like I did at their age (8), but things were a little different 20 years ago. I love your laundry room, btw!

  3. great safety tips! I saw a video on facebook where a parent jokingly put their kid in the cycle and it accidentally locked and the machine started running water. One of the scariest things I have ever seen. Laundry safety is so important!


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