Cucumber watermelon pops (kids snack)

Summer at our house means more time to play, do crafts, and make fun snacks. My daughter is attending summer camp for a couple of weeks and today she was assigned to bring snacks to share. Cucumber watermelon pops are the perfect snack for summertime fun. In less than an hour we made the pops and cut up all the extra fruit for snacks at home. 


Cucumber watermelon pops tutorial

Ingredients and supplies:

  • seedless watermelon
  • cucumbers (cut into 1/2″ slices)
  • metal flower cookie cutter
  • cocktail stir sticks (safer than bamboo skewers for kids)


1) Cut cucumber slices in half then carefully cut out middle section.  


2) Slice watermelon and use metal cookie cutter to cut flower shapes. 


3) Slide cucumber piece and watermelon flower onto cocktail stir sticks. 


Enjoy your summer snack at the park or share with friends!

My daughter was very excited to bring the cucumber watermelon pops to share with friends at camp this morning. 


Do you have a favorite creative and healthy summer kids snack? 

For other watermelon snack ideas, try watermelon smoothies or Kraft watermelon pops.

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